Be Intentional Part 2 {Time}

In our first “Be Intentional” post, we talked about being intentional with styled shoots.  Miss that? Check it out here.  In this one, I want to touch on being intentional with your time.  Inspired by a chat that I had with one of my clients, this blog is going to touch on something really important – and that’s work life balance.

If I’m being honest, I’m not the best at work life balance.  Not because I don’t balance it well, but because I almost balance it to a fault, and maybe not in the way that everyone else does.  I follow my passions.  I want to teach my kids that mindset.  The thing that you TRULY love to do is worth spending time away.  It’s worth all the extra work, and sitting at your computer desk at 7:00am on a Saturday morning and answering emails.  It’s worth Piper Prewitt sitting behind you on your couch and drawing precious little sketches for your next photoshoot – that’s what I want the girls to see.  I want the girls to WANT to work hard, to see how happy it makes me, and to strive for entrepreneurship and epic things.

Beyond that – it’s about choosing where you want to spend your time and sticking to it.  I want to spend time with my family, but I also know that my friendships keep me sane.  I know that I want to pursue hobbies, and new parts of my career.  Styled shoots keep me going creatively, and I’ve been doing some other stuff just for fun.  It’s important, as business owners, to have our own identity, to show the world, our kids, our families – that our lives aren’t just defined by what we do, but by what we love.

We all look like we’ve got it together on social media – posting the best of the best and leaving out the worst (that’s a whole different post that’s coming soon).  Know this: no one has work life balance perfectly figured out.  Don’t let people be time thieves (coined by someone else, and used by a friend on me every once in a while).  Don’t waste time, and spend yours wisely.  Be around people you love.  Choose to do exactly what you love about your job.

What’s this mean?

If you know me at all, you know that I am all about relentlessly pursuing the things that you love.  Whether that’s friendships, family, relationships, or what you do – you should relentlessly pursue it.  We have one life.  That quote from Faulkner at the start of this blog?  We’re always fighting time, and it’s a battle that can’t be won.  The most important thing is to spend that time well, happy, and fulfilled.  Never be fulfilled so much that you don’t keep searching.  Don’t stop spending that time finding those moments that fill you up to the brim.  I want to look back at my life and know that I did what I loved.  You should feel the same way.

If you’re happy and doing what you love, it’s just going to flow over into the other aspects of your life.  Your time with your family will be happier.  The time that you spend with your friends won’t be distracted by work.  It’s amazing how much we let work consume us.  If you love what you’re working on, that consumption ends up translating to a greater love and appreciation for everything else in your life.

In work – you have to do the things that you love and focus on them. It’s the reason that I started Misty Saves the Day – so I could take things off of the plates of other business owners so that they could pursue their passions.  So that they could spend time intentionally and do the things that they love to do.  Interested in learning more?  E-mail me at – I’d love to chat more.

Photos from our lifestyle session with Valerie Demo.

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