You need social media management. You need photography. Both can be stressful but they don't have to be.
The good news? We can help you with both.
Misty Saves the Day is a pretty weird name, I know.
I don't think I'm a superhero.
The truth is, Misty Saves the Day was my AOL Instant Messenger Screen Name until the day AIM died (RIP).
I think I've put together an awesome team of individuals who are crushing the game to make an amazing social media presence for 40+ businesses via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, content creation - we kind of do it all.
And not in that way of "ahhh, do they do too much?"
But in that "just right" way.


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Come hang out with us. We promise we're cool. We really love what we do - and we'd really love to help you and your small business.
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Misty Saves the Day started with just Misty Prewitt on October 20, 2015. She always said it would never be a team - and then she found the perfect group of people to make her vision come true.


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We spend a lot of time helping out clients with content creation, updated headshots, family photos - and everything in between. Go get lost in the portfolio.