Social Media Manager

The only way to sum up Ashley, in a professional sense, is dedicated. This is dedication to learning exactly what her clients' wants and needs are and dedication to ensure that the content she posts is timely, accurate, and well-written. That she somehow manages to juggle this with two rambunctious boys under the age of five at home is a testament to that dedication.

Written by her best friend (who's also her boss): What she's not going to tell you is that she's terrified of bees, loathes confrontation, is the godmother to her children, is somehow the most organized mom that's ever been in existence, and works really hard to make sure all of our clients are happy.

Ashley Calton

Blogging Extraordinaire

Hi! My name is Britney, and I use exclamation points in my writing but never in my voice. I am a proud introvert whose dream gift is a weekend alone in a hotel. (I will be an extrovert but request a minimum of a three days advance notice.) I’ve worked hard to filter the things out of my life that don’t make me happy. The fact that I have a presence in this space genuinely means something…it means that I want to be here. It means that I respect this business, I enjoy my team, and I believe that what I do has purpose. Otherwise, I would be curled in a corner, reading a great book, in total silence.  
Written about herself!

I (Britney) wear many hats. During the weekdays I am a Gerontological Social Worker and week nights I am a professional toddler chef/story reader/laundry folder, but the most important job I have is raising my beautiful son, Jefferson! In my spare time you can find me spending time with family on our boat cruising the James River, throwing axes with friends in our backyard or enjoying a nice bourbon on the porch. I love writing. I enjoy it so much that I actually write blogs for other people as well as myself!
Written by Sandy!

Britney Lowe

Social Media manager

Social Media manager

Social Media manager

I’m a salt water and summer loving boy mom who considers herself type A+. If it can be told in bullet points with no fluff it’s my kind of story. I love to plan get togethers and have people over to our recently renovated backyard oasis, Flamingo Cove. Lunch dates are my preference over late nights out because I’m a night owl but only in my own home and comfy clothes. 

With a background in the wedding industry as a professional wedding photographer, Erika understands all things pretty, the importance of social media marketing, and being generally wonderful.

Jamie is a ray of sunshine, a bundle of energy, and a super hard worker. With a degree in Communications and a passion for health and well-being, Jamie has worked in the fitness industry for a long period of time. From spin to barre to general nutrition, she's pretty fantastic at what she does.

She's a wife and mom to three awesome kids, and works as a social media manager and our hashtag bitch for Misty Saves the Day (and loves every second of it).

Erika Mills

Jamie Florian

Bronwyn Keating


Organizational wizard

Social media manager

Owner, photographer, marketer

Brenna is our Operations Manager! Our "Ghost Misty" graduated from the University of Alabama in 2018 (Roll Damn Tide), with a Bachelor's degree in Human Nutrition, with minors in Human Development and Family Studies and Addiction and Recovery. She completed a dietetic internship, but decided that becoming a Registered Dietitian wasn't what she wanted for herself. Her background in nutrition has come to better her work for our restaurant clients. When she's not working you can find her reading, playing with her dogs Tyson and Wesson, working out, or napping. Because napping is life.

Personal: written by a friend - Bree Walker
Brenna is a perfect example of what it means to be selfless and determined. Not only is Brenna kindhearted; she is also a fiercely faithful friend, girlfriend, sister, and daughter. She stands for what she believes in and will fight to also make sure that you’re heard and taken care of if you can’t speak for yourself. Her boyfriend would want you to know that she is a firm believer in turning on a movie and falling asleep halfway through it. Outside of work you can find her nose in a book, or listening to one, browsing every aisle at Prince Books in Norfolk, Virginia. She is a firm believer that there is no such thing as too many books, time spent playing with her two dogs Tyson and Wesson is the best time, and enjoying some good eats is a must. Especially coffee ice cream, and just coffee in general!

Lauren is a graduate of James Madison University (Go Dukes!) and a Virginia Beach native. She runs on coffee - a necessity with her two-year-old and a four-month-old - and organizing, well, everything. Some may even say she's even a lost member of The Home Edit. She works hard for her nonprofit and small business clients and, as her mom would tell you, she's tenacious with a keen sense of how to get the job done.

Jenna is the organizational whiz behind Misty Saves the Day. She graduated from Christopher Newport University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a double minor in Communication Studies and Leadership Studies. She learned early on that traditional professional roles weren't her jam and now has several different jobs. She owns a wedding planning company called Compass Rose Coordination where she provides couples with eco-friendly options for their modern wedding! This makes her work at MSTD even better, knowing and supporting local Hampton Roads entrepreneurs and small businesses!

Brenna Collins

Lauren Windham

Jenna Lowrance

Misty Prewitt

The professional things you need to know about me: Bachelor of Science in Communications and Counseling from Old Dominion University. Mom. Wife. Dog Owner. Photographer. Lover of the Outside. I like to ride bikes of all kinds.

The more important stuff, written by my pal, Val Demo (who also took the pic to the left):
Here are a few facts: she would literally do anything for anyone at any time whenever you need it. She friendships and loves with every ounce of her short ass self… and not to ruin her badass reputation, but if you know her, she genuinely cares about you from the get go. Introductions go something like this… “Hi. I’m Misty. And I’m automatically invested in your well-being.” (Although she does like to pretend she’s tough like her enneagram 8 says she is… so don’t tell her I told you she’s really a ball of mushy sappy feelings on the inside… she’ll disown me. It’s our secret. ) She’s strong as fuck… runs a successful business… works her ass off at everything she does… is one of the few people willing to scream all of the words to every Dashboard Confessional song with me in the car late at night, and can handle anything thrown at her… and is still a person I can always call, count on, and have a drink with if I need to.

Missy Cave

Chris Prewitt

Social Media manager

Behind-the-scenes/tech support and emotional support

Hi! My name is Bronwyn Keating, and I am a Senior at James Madison University pursuing my degree in English. After graduating I am taking a gap year before applying to Law School. This past Summer I was able to Intern for Own Real Estate and had such a blast working with all their amazing realtors and staff. I am from Suffolk, Virginia but went to high school in Newport News at Hampton Roads Academy. I love camping, backpacking, and hiking with close friends! 

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, working out, watching Tiktok, reading suspense novels, and a good nap every now & then. My favorite places to travel/vacation are Gatlinburg and Outer Banks. I am a huge Grey's Anatomy fan and watched all of the seasons a few times now. I love a good ink pen. My two favorite quotes are "Those who try and fail are much wiser than those who don't try for fear of failure." (Unknown) and "Try to learn something new every day"-(My grandmother). During the pandemic, my full-time job switched from an in-office job to a work-from-home job. And I have completely spoiled our 8-year Shitzu, and I am working on spoiling our new kitten.

Chris Prewitt is the best. If you know him, you love him. At least Misty does, because it's her husband.
Chris spends a lot of time helping our clients with their websites, fixing our emails, and doing things that make all of our lives easier.
When he's not saving all of our days, he's a pretty great husband, an even better dad, and has a full-time job as a Systems Architect at Cisco Systems. He doesn't have time to help out Misty Saves the Day with all the things that he does, but alas, he's Chris Prewitt, so he does it anyway.
In his free time, he goes on outdoor adventures with our best friend, Mike, surfs even when it's cold, and watches scary movies when Misty isn't home.