I grew up in Waldorf, MD as a military kid and eventually moved to Fredericksburg, VA after graduating from Roanoke College. I majored in Literary Studies (a fancy way of saying that I absolutely LOVE to read) and minored in Spanish and Communication.

While my degree nurtured my love for words and storytelling, it also fed my drive for problem solving and analyzing. I was able to not only place myself in stories or other-worldly landscapes, but also focus on decoding the history of a writer and the impact of life through multiple lenses.

Jasmine Ring



I'm Jacey! If I was to describe myself, I would say an "easy going gal who loves BIG and works hard". Originally from Connecticut, I currently live in Oxford, MS and support all things Ole Miss with my husband and 4 month goldendoodle puppy, Rebel. I attended High Point University, where I pursued a degree in Human Relations and Nonprofit Leadership and Management. 

Nonprofits have been such a big part of my world when growing up. I feel very lucky to have a role-model (my mom) who has worked many years in the nonprofit world including sitting on the board of several and now serving as a Director of Giving in Savannah, GA. So to say I feel the luckiest to be working with nonprofits and small businesses (all who work hard and have the passion that I LOVE and feed off of) would be an understatement.

When I'm not doing all things social media, I love to travel. So far, my favorite place would have to be Italy (Amalfi Coast or Florence—it's a tie), but I also can't disagree that Greece isn't a place to die for either… and can't forget about Croatia! And when I'm not traveling, I'm probably attending some sporting event! A bit of a background: My husband works in athletics, hence why we currently live in Oxford, and my brother also is involved in athletics. He currently is a defensive football coach for a university in Arkansas—so sports are around ALWAYS. And if I'm not jet setting off somewhere or in a stadium, I am at home, in my sweatsuit set, surrounded by good friends, good vibes, and a great glass of prosecco. Always prosecco.

My real name is Sandra, but I go by Sandy! I was born and raised in Hampton Roads, VA and love that it offers such a variety of locations to fit whatever vibe you are going for! I am happily married (10 years!) and have three kids who keep me on my toes! I love to craft, bake, and enjoy a good cup of coffee at local coffee shops! When I am not binge watching The Office for the 100th time, I am constantly watching educational videos about photography. My interest in photography started back when I was in high school (DARK ROOM DAYS), and since then, I’ve always continued learning and investing in my passion. It wasn’t until recently that I made the plunge and went full time! I love fun props, color, and bringing high energy to sessions. Working with small + local businesses is important to me—when I first started my photography business, it was hard to find anyone locally to bounce ideas off of or even reach out to for guidance. I want to be able to help small businesses by elevating their brand with beautiful images and showcasing their services or products in a creative way.

Some of my favorite things (besides family + friends) are:
the office, parks & rec, superstore, golden girls, bridesmaids 
chocolate, salsa, lolly’s ice cream 
champagne, coffee, champagne 
cooking, baking, crafting

Sandy owns her own amazing photography business, Sandra Leigh Photo, and kindly fills in and helps based on her availability. 

Sandy Barnes

Director of Operations

Director of Creative Development

Owner, photographer, marketer

HEY! I’m Brenna! If you know me, you probably know that I went to the University of Alabama, and I absolutely loved it there. Yes, it’s a huge part of my personality, and if I have nothing nice to say—I just usually say, “Roll Tide”. I majored in Food & Human Nutrition with plans to become a registered dietitian! But, I was forced (thank goodness) to do a Directed Professional Study (unpaid internship) and realized that I didn’t like what I was doing at all… but I did LOVE being in food service. This came in handy for all the work I do with our restaurant clients. I started as a social media manager for Misty Saves the Day, and slowly but surely ended up with twelve of my own account management clients. When Misty asked me to come on full time, I took the leap and have been on the Admin Team since! My organizational and leadership skills shine in this part of the job, and I love being able to really make things happen for our clients behind the scenes. I love this job, and can’t wait to meet all of our future clients! If that’s you, hi in advance! I can’t wait to work with you!
Written about herself!

Brenna is a Hampton Roads local, but moved to Alabama for college, where she graduated from the University of Alabama! She now rocks the marketing world back home in Virginia Beach. She uses this knowledge to produce phenomenal content for Misty Saves the Day’s restaurant clients. Her expertise is restaurants and the food industry, but that doesn’t mean she leaves anyone else behind. Brenna is fiercely loyal to the people and clients close to her. You’d be remiss to not get to know Brenna for her jokes alone, and while she can be quite the comedian, she can also be a friendly ear when you need to talk things out. Brenna’s the girl you call when you’re broken down forty-five minutes away from home, and have no way for you and your dog to make it back. I’ll say it again—she is fiercely loyal. If you caught her outside of work, you’d probably find her in a local coffee shop with a book, supporting a local artist or farmers market, or caring for her plants and doggos, or getting another tattoo. 
Written by her best friend, Jenna! Yes… their names rhyme.

Hello, internet!

My name is Jenny, and I am an avid lover of winged eyeliner, summer breezes and fall colors, but cold weather and mornings are my mortal enemies. I am a single mom of two (yes two) teenage boys who keep me busy but also inspire me. I was born and raised right here in Hampton Roads— which doesn't make me a townie, it makes me a local expert. My life's motto? "What doesn't kill you will make a hilarious story once the embarrassment wears off."

Growing up, I always wanted to be a rockstar. No, literally, a rockstar. I spent over a decade in the music industry as a singer and songwriter, but eventually learned that it wasn't necessarily the stage that I love, but entertaining people. Once I had kids, I took that creative energy and put it into writing, and spent the next decade helming a popular mommy blog, publishing two parenting-humor books, working with brands in print and on television, and learning all about how to grow on social media (with the help of coffee, of course). I bring all of this experience and energy into my work as a Social Media Manager, because if there's one thing I love, it's creating content that gets attention. I also know WAY too much about hashtags. 

When I can tear myself away from the computer, you'll find me riding roller coasters with my kids, playing video games, and being dragged around by my absolutely bananas Husky, Mia. I'm also an unashamed Disney nerd with an entire sleeve of Disney princesses, so I might have a little bit of Peter Pan energy brewing inside— because growing old is mandatory, growing up is not! 

Brenna Collins

Jenny Fisher

Misty Prewitt

The professional things you need to know about me: Bachelor of Science in Communications and Counseling from Old Dominion University. Mom. Wife. Dog Owner. Photographer. Lover of the Outside. I like to ride bikes of all kinds.

The more important stuff, written by my pal, Val Demo (who also took the pic to the left):
Here are a few facts: she would literally do anything for anyone at any time whenever you need it. She friendships and loves with every ounce of her short ass self… and not to ruin her badass reputation, but if you know her, she genuinely cares about you from the get go. Introductions go something like this… “Hi. I’m Misty. And I’m automatically invested in your well-being.” (Although she does like to pretend she’s tough like her enneagram 8 says she is… so don’t tell her I told you she’s really a ball of mushy sappy feelings on the inside… she’ll disown me. It’s our secret. ) She’s strong as fuck… runs a successful business… works her ass off at everything she does… is one of the few people willing to scream all of the words to every Dashboard Confessional song with me in the car late at night, and can handle anything thrown at her… and is still a person I can always call, count on, and have a drink with if I need to.


Jacey Trice-Muniz