ISO:EDU Academy {Education}

Continuing education is so important for any business – whether you’re a social media manager, event planner, photographer – there is ALWAYS more to learn.  ISO:EDU Academy was born because we wanted to fulfill a need.  It’s great to have workshops and conferences and all these amazing events that get put on once or twice a year.  I attend a few of these myself, like Wedding Wire World, just to make sure I’m continuing my education regularly.  I go to ILEA meetings and learn from people from all over the country about marketing, networking, running a business, to better my business.  Still, Mike and I felt like something was missing.

ISO:EDU Academy is all about creating a community of people who want to continue their education in a way that lasts longer than a meeting.  We wanted to have a regular, monthly workshop, with topics written well enough in advance.  We wanted to invite in guest speakers in our industry (and in our area) to speak on certain topics that they’re experts on.  Beyond that, it was important to us that there would be a private Facebook group for members to ask questions about the things that they’ve learned, so that knowledge can continue to be built upon.  The best thing that businesses can do for each other is build each other up – but we wanted to do that on a platform of an organized, mini-workshop once a month, with a real curriculum of learning.

Here’s what you should know about us: we laugh a lot.  We take ourselves seriously, but not so seriously that we’re boring (if you haven’t seen our videos, go check us out on Facebook).  We want this to be fun for you, but we want you to leave knowing that you’ve gotten something important to better your business out of it.

The biggest mistake that we make when we start a business, or even when we become established in our businesses, is that we think we’re done learning.  What we need to do is to continue to learn from each other.  If you want to learn more about the Academy (or join!) – check out the link here.  It’s super affordable – and there’s some great deals happening if you sign up before December 31.  We’d love to talk more about what it’s about – and get to know you and your business grow.

Photo above by Caitlin Gerres Photography from when we launched ISO:ALT.

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