Be Intentional Part 1 {Styled Shoots}

It’s so easy to just get things done: to have a to-do list, to check boxes, to make things happen.  As business owners, one of our biggest faults is that we spend so much time just trying to get things done, that we don’t spend enough time being intentional.  You know I’m jumping ahead.  Let me explain a little bit more about what I mean.

I use this stellar workflow from 17Hats for every styled shoot that I do.  The workflow tells me exactly what has to be done – venue, photographer, date, rentals… all of it.  It’s beautiful in terms of how it makes sure that no detail goes unnoticed.  What that amazing to-do list DOESN’T tell me though, is how to choose.

I’m going to use photography as an example of what I mean first, because I think it’s one of the most important aspects of a photoshoot. Photography can quite literally make or break your shoot.  There are so many good photographers out there (I know all of you photographers are groaning at that and mumbling about over saturation, but you’ll love what I’m about to say). While there are so many amazing photographers, each one has their own unique style.  Are you looking for light and airy vibes? Are you looking to do something moodier? Crazy about lighting and dark spaces? These things matter for what the look of your shoot will be.  They will (or should) dictate your venue, your design choices – everything.  Be intentional in choosing your vendors.

A styled shoot is the perfect time to make sure that things go perfectly.  You have a controlled situation, full creative freedom – make those choices matter.  Be intentional with the vendors that you choose.  I used photography as an example, but the same goes for floral design, attire, rentals – all of it.  Switch it up.  Know who you want to work with and seek them out.  Don’t take whoever jumps first or choose someone just because they offer to do it for free.  Consider where you’re looking to get it published, and choose vendors that will help emulate what that publication looks for.  Make sure you choose your vendors with SUCH intention that you feel comfortable relinquishing creative freedom to them.

If  you’re more intentional with decisions like this, with your time, with your routine – you may just find that the quality of your work and your own pride in it will exponentially get better.  Don’t just put a call out to the world and hope for a bite back.  Get to know the vendors in your area, get to know what you’re about to jump into.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve had to cast a net a few times when the person I wanted to work with wasn’t available – and I’m not saying there’s any shame in that!  I’ve met some incredible vendors as a result, and ended up with a whole new concept sometimes because I put my trust in them.  I have a rule that with each shoot, I try my very best to work with two vendors that I’ve never worked with before.  It’s important to stay inclusive, and I always strive to help create an industry of truly friendly community.

All that sound scary?  Lucky for you, I can help with coordinating shoots (and I have some pretty stellar reviews!).  The beauty of using me?  My only goal is to make sure that your vision is taken, expanded on, and totally achieved.  Interested in learning more?  Fill out that fancy contact form and let’s chat. I’m booked for the summer, but am looking to take more shoots in the fall until I’m all booked up!  Let me know if you have a cool concept that you’ve always wanted to achieve – maybe I’ll be the right vendor to make it happen for you!

Really, couldn’t these be applications to more things? This is the first of three blogs in what i’m dubbing my Intentional Series.  Get ready for more coming soon!

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