I Didn’t Work This Weekend

I officially announced Misty Saves the Day on October 20th – and I’m pretty sure I’ve worked almost every day since.  I’m proud to say that I’ve worked every day since – I put a lot into the business, into my reputation, into what I do.

I didn’t work this weekend.  Not once.  Well, I’m writing this blog, but I wouldn’t call that work, because sometimes getting your thoughts out there while they are fresh is cathartic.  Plus, the next time I take time off, I want to remember this feeling.  I spent the entirety of last week “in the zone” – working diligently every day to ensure that I could spend the weekend with my family.  I’ve worked pretty hard the last couple of weekends, and made lots of plans, and not had time to just be us.


I did a lot of things this weekend with my family.  Wrenny Penny had her first taste of real food (bananas) on Saturday, and then we went to the Children’s Museum of Virginia with friends.  I had an amazing date night with my awesome husband on Saturday night (which consisted of some of the best Oysters Rockefeller ever and a kid-free trip to Target).  Today, Piper wore one of her new long dresses that we bought in the big-kid section (!) at Target last night, and modeled for me in our driveway.  We went to the park, and then to Target to pick out a special toy for her as a reward for a week of no late-night accidents.  We had a family meal at Lucky Oyster, and came home and watched The Good Dinosaur, and all proceeded to take one long epic nap.


I didn’t work this weekend and it was the best weekend ever.  We didn’t do anything of considerable note – except spend time together.  And that’s awesome.  It reminded me of why I decided to do this – I want other business owners to be able to have weekends like this one.  I’m getting into a workflow where I can ensure that this will be a regular thing.  That’s due to my epic UPstudioNC planner (yep, I’m living in the paper world), where I can literally mark off days and say that I’m taking them off – and spend the week prepping to actually BE off.

I should stop typing now.  My thoughts are out into the world, and Wrenny Penny is blowing raspberries and laughing at me.  That sounds fun <3

  1. Nicole says:

    I’m glad you took some well deserved time off! ❤️❤️❤️

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