6 months

Wrenny Penny is 6 months old, y’all.

SIX months.  She can’t believe it either.


And do you know what she did yesterday?  She scaled the bouncer and picked herself up and stood up.  Is this real life?  I can’t believe that she’s halfway to a year old.  She’s gotten so big.  I know, she just looks like a tiny baby here.  But remember when she looked like this?


That means the concept for this crazy business came about 6 months ago.  We’re half a year in.  It’s so weird that I can measure the growth of the business with the growth of Wrenny Penny.  As she grows, and does new things, so do I.  We’ve got 16 awesome regular clients, and have had a slew of individual projects for other amazing businesses.  Morgan is an official employee as of April 1st.  It hasn’t been officially announced, and I promise she’ll get her own blog post, but my dearest friend in the world, Ashley, has been helping with some behind-the-scenes work, too.  We hired a nanny to help out this week – because I want to be able to spend a TON of time with the girls, but when they’re home while I’m working, it’s hard to be pulled in two different directions.  It’s my hope that I’ll be able to set up some regular “office” hours, and spend a few days during the week just me and the girls.  Girls days are always the best <3

Because 6 months has gone by.  And she’s gone from a tiny baby to a bouncing, standing baby.  She snuggles less and less and plays more and more.  She rolls, and scoots, and makes her way all the way across the floor (although she’s not technically crawling yet).  she looks at you with her big eyes and melts your heart.


Let those beautiful eyes melt your heart <3 and wish her a happy half-birthday.

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