My wall above my desk has been blank since we revamped the space to be my “at-home office.”  I finally bought a picture for my wall above my computer.  I spotted it at A.Dodson’s over a month ago, kept going, and when I went back this weekend, the last one was just there, staring at me.  It’s one of my many mantras (we’ll talk about those another day).  Here’s what it looks like (and yes, I waited until daylight, when the light was pretty, and I cropped out my desk just for you… typically, there’s a cola there, with a bowl of popcorn, because I eat like a 12 year old):


“Live More, Worry Less.”

It’s literally the reason that I started this business.  I wanted to live more.  I wanted to be with my kids and laugh and not think about the 800 things that I had to do.  I wanted to be my own boss.

I think there is a beauty of owning your own business, or at least this is what I’m learning.  You can control your income.  You can control how many clients you take.  You can control how much you work.  You know what I’ve done because I can live more and worry less?

Wrenny is home with me every day.  She laughs, plays, and loves on me.  Piper and I have gone to the park together – just us!  That never happened before.  Chris & I go on dates once or twice a month.  I make plans and actually hang out with friends.  Like a grown up.

I want to help other people do the same thing.  Live more, worry less.  I love that I can do that for so many businesses.  It warms my heart when I see a client leave for vacation, maternity leave, or be able to push forward in their business because they have one less thing to worry about.

I’m still learning where to stop.  That my to-do list doesn’t define me (she types as she listens to Saves the Day loudly in a kid-free house so she can get things knocked out – blog – check!).  There are still late nights working.  There always will be – it’s when I get the most done.  But there’s been a lot more quality time together.

If you read our reviews, it’s easy to see that Misty Saves the Day has done that for people.  In doing that, we did it for me, too.  <3


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