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There’s a lot of nostalgia at the bottom of this post.  You’ll want to read the whole thing.  I promise.

Misty Saves the Day is growing, which means, as a good friend of mine says, “putting aces in places.”  There was no doubt in my mind as to who the next addition to the team would be.  She’s hardworking, she’s incredibly smart, she’s talented, and best of all?  She’s invested in me.  Why?  She’s my best friend.  She’s the godmother of my children. She excels at everything she does because she puts herself into everything she does.

Meet Ashley Calton, the latest addition to the team, and our blogging guru.


Photo by Nikki Santerre Photography

There were too many stories for me to tell about Ashley, so I sent her a fun survey… get to know her:

Introduce yourself: Hey everyone! My name is Ashley! I am an almost mother of a little boy, Wyatt, and have an amazing hubby, Charlie.

What’s your background? I have a bachelor’s degree from VCU (Go Rams Go!) in English with a minor in writing (so the degree that gets you nowhere). I have spent the past seven years in education as a teacher and school director, however am super excited to have the opportunity to stay home with our son. Working with Misty gives me the chance to work, yet set my own hours and be able to spend more time at home.
Tell them you love me: Misty and I have been best friends since our 7th grade English class. We’ve been through school together, weddings, now babies. She isn’t my best friend, she is my sister in the truest sense of the word. Guys, I got to read this first. The happy tears came.
Why are you good at this? Writing is kind of my thing! Not only did I take numerous classes in college on how to…you know..write good (sorry, married to a country boy), but I also worked in college helping others learn how to write well, too. Plus I’m a fast typer, so that helps 🙂
What’s your favorite thing in the entire world? My favorite thing in the world is weekends! I love having the weekends to spend with my husband and my sweet pup, even though she smells. We just immensely love spending time together and in the hubbub of life, that time is rare and precious. Plus I love sleeping in and I plan on enjoying that for as long as I can, which just so happens to be about another 10 weeks.
Biggest fear? (Let’s be honest, I’m asking to rationalize mine) My biggest fear, other than flying insects that can potentially harm you (I’m lookin’ at you bees and wasps), is wasting my life being busy and not enjoying the incredible blessings I have in my life. I have not only an amazing little family here in my home, but I have sensational friends. two beautiful goddaughters, 4 cutie pie nieces, and a million things to be thankful for. My biggest fear is giving up time with them because I am too busy.
Favorite moment in a wedding: My favorite moment would have to be the exit. Whether it’s bubbles or sparklers like we had at our wedding, the exit is your chance as a family member or friend to send the couple off into the rest of their lives. It’s so incredibly romantic in a poetic sense. A wedding is fantastic. I LOVE a good wedding. But the marriage, that’s the important part. Sending them off into the marriage they have vowed to commit to is the icing on the three tiered wedding cake. 
One silly fact/quote/story to sum up who you are as a person: My senior quote was, “What’s living if you don’t pull your shorts down and slide on the ice?”. It’s from the old Disney classic “Even Stevens” and basically means to live your life without fear. Take a chance. I’m not the best at this, I am a pretty cautious person. I’m a planner and like to know what’s going to happen by the hour two months from today, but I try to remember as I enter each new chapter of my life, like now, that you have to take chances or you will never live the life you want to live. Misty did this when she started Misty Saves the Day. It was a dream, an idea of a way to fulfill her destiny (dramatic pause, hold boombox over head, press play to awesome 90’s music) and she has taken it by storm. I am just so excited to be by her side as her friend, and as a partner in crime.
Sorry Ashley – had to throw this in there to prove that we’ve been friends longer than we haven’t:


The first known photo that I have of us. Middle school.


After 8th grade, building things in Honduras.



Ashley and my sister (who is now 19) at our wedding rehearsal.

Ashley and my sister (who is now 19) at our wedding rehearsal.

Circa September 21, 2007.

Circa September 21, 2007.

Ashley's bachelorette party <3

Ashley’s bachelorette party <3

Ashley's wedding

Ashley’s wedding

She was in the delivery room when Piper was born

She was in the delivery room when Piper was born


At Piper’s 3rd birthday


She brought us Charlie, too – who we all love, and is also the godfather to our awesome kids


She kind of threw me the best baby shower ever for Wrenny Penny with Amanda <3

She was in the delivery room when Wrenny was born, too.

She was in the delivery room when Wrenny was born, too.


We’re hiding baby Wyatt here <3 We can’t wait to meet him!

And now you’ve lived parts of our lives with us.  I hope you welcome her with open arms – I’m SO excited that she’s part of the Misty Saves the Day team!

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