“Baby Bird, You’ve Gotta Fly”

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“Baby bird, you’ve gotta fly.”


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The best advice that’s been given to me by far since the announcement of Misty Saves the Day.  Jump in, work hard, make mistakes, learn the ins and outs.  That’s where I’m at: let go of the things that you don’t love, and focus on the things that you do.  I love being with my family.  Hanging out with my girls.  Taking time with my friends.  Helping other small businesses grow, and growing with them.

This is a short blog.  But I think the point comes across.

I would venture to say the same thing of the businesses thinking about outsourcing their social media.  Take the leap. Live more, worry less.  I spoke to a new client tonight about letting go, taking days off, being able to love your business and let go of the stuff you don’t.

Baby bird, you’ve gotta fly.


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