The Boss in You: My First Workshop

When I announced “Misty Saves the Day”, I was incredible honored when Jamie from Jamie Leigh Events asked me to speak at The Boss in You – a workshop designed specifically for people who wanted to be entrepreneurs.  What did I know about being my own boss?  Sure enough, in the last 4 months, I’ve learned pretty quickly (and am still learning) the ins-and-outs of workflow, managing client expectations, marketing, and more.

Beautifully executed by Jamie Austin from Jamie Leigh Events, Dhalia Edwards, Tianna Yentzer of Andrew & Tianna, and April Foster of Paper Dolls Designs, Inc., attendees came to a gorgeously decorated Bluebird’s Garage with swag for days:




The amazing ladies that attended the workshop were from all walks of life, and in all fields – a tutor, a sign maker, a photographer, a baker, and more.  What it came down to was this: we all as business owners want to be part of a community and with people that want to encourage one another.  I had the privilege to speak on loving what you do.


Oh, look, I’m talking!

I was super overwhelmed by doing this – what did I know other than my own personal trials and tribulations?  When I talked though, I chronicled just that – I certainly am not an expert, but I’m learning and growing just like everyone else.  I know that I want people to love the aspects of their job so much, and give away the things that they don’t love – and that’s where Misty Saves the Day comes into play.

There’s no doubt that I love what I do – whether it’s working with new vendors and learning a new part of the industry, or just interacting with friends who become clients and clients that become friends, I truly love the decision that I’ve made in opening Misty Saves the Day.  I’ve even outsourced some of the things that I don’t love (or maybe don’t have the talent to really delve into).  I’m growing quickly, and I’m so lucky to be surrounded by amazing friends and clients that are making things happen with me!

Just in case you weren’t sure if I’m goofy, here’s a great shot Tianna took:


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