Headshots with Dragon Studio in The Neon District in Norfolk

When I started talking to about rebranding Misty Saves the Day (or rather, accurately branding it in the first place), one of the biggest challenges that I faced was photos and content for the website.  Every photo that I had that I really loved of myself was with my family (of course), or was a headshot for a previous employer, or events that I was part of.  There wasn’t a photo that was quintessentially me, that represented who I am, who I want this brand to be, and not so corporate.

Misty Saves the Day Neon District Norfolk Dragon Studio

Misty Saves the Day Neon District Norfolk VA Dragon StudioMisty Saves the Day Neon District Norfolk VA Dragon StudioWith headshots, the most important part for me is that I wanted to feel like myself.  I wanted to laugh.  I wanted to be goofy (and my case of the giggles may have gotten the better of me, because standing in front of a camera is significantly more awkward on your own).  I also wanted them to be extraordinarily colorful.  Sure, I wanted there to be a level of professionalism, but if you’ve met me, you know that I like to be cheeky and silly, and laugh. I want clients to know that’s what they’ll get with me.  A fun, professional person to handle the aspects of social media that they don’t necessarily want to handle.

I asked Mike Dragon with Dragon Studio to take them because I knew that I could be silly (because he’s pretty silly), but I knew that he would have a lot of fun with the color story that I was going for.  I felt super awkward, and I laughed a lot (and that may be my fault, and also a little bit Mike’s fault), but somehow, he pulled out some of the best pictures of me ever taken (if I do say so myself).  It helps that the awesome ladies at Veil Studios did my hair and make-up because Lord knows when I do it doesn’t look as awesome as it did that day!

Misty Saves the Day Neon District Norfolk Dragon Studio

Regardless, I’m excited about them.  I hope you are, too.  They easily made my day/week/month/year.  It’s so fun learning who you are and who your brand is, and it’s always better when you can do it with friends.

Misty Saves the Day Neon District Norfolk VA Dragon Studio

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