Why Video is Important in Social Media and More

Marcus Williams with Intellect Media made me an epic promo video almost a year ago.  I’ve sent that video to potential clients, and it’s been the reason that they’ve booked me.  For this, I can’t thank him enough.  Haven’t seen it?  Check it out in all your free time:


Misty Saves the Day Promo from Intellect Media Productions on Vimeo.

On top of that, video is the way of the world.  Facebook is pushing video more than imagery (think about what’s popping up in your feed – Tasty videos, Buzzfeed clips, whatever it is that you follow – you’re seeing videos first if you aren’t choosing the “Most Recent” feed).  There’s Facebook Live, InstaStories, Instagram Live videos – all in competition with Snapchat, Twitter (which, in my opinion, is only alive because of our president), and LinkedIn.

What are you doing to better promote yourself via video?  Whether it’s weekly Facebook Live updates, or announcements via video, or maybe it’s an epic promo video like Marcus made me, make sure that you’re doing SOMETHING.  I have to confess that I’m not the best with video.  I’m great when it comes to Facebook Live for ISO:ALT and ISO:EDU, but when it comes to Misty Saves the Day, I get nervous.  For some reason, we, as business owners, clam up when there is a camera in front of us.

Be confident.  Be confident in your product when you talk.  It’s important to realize that you should be the picture of confidence when it comes to your business.  What’s your 15 second sales pitch?  Do you have one?  For the longest time, I didn’t, and I had a friend who totally called me out on it.  Now, here’s what it is:

“Hi!  My name is Misty Prewitt, and I own Misty Saves the Day, a marketing and social media management company, aimed towards creatives and other small businesses.  Usually that gets the conversation started to something else.  With Facebook Live or Instagram videos, you can use this moment to promote yourself, educate, talk about sales or promotions that you have going on, so people WILL pay attention.

That is, if it’s under three minutes – and truthfully, if you don’t catch them in the first ten seconds, you’ve already lost them.  Video can be overwhelming, but don’t let it be forgotten.  If I can confess my promo video is 5 minutes (if you watched it, you know).  Marcus is working on a 60 second promo that I can use on social media.  Make sure that you’re on the lookout for it soon!

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