I Don’t Know How to Vacation {Personal & Professional}

I have a confession: I don’t know how to vacation.  As a small business owner, it can be REALLY hard to turn it off. I did everything that I was supposed to do this week.  I set myself up for success: my clients were happy, work was done, I didn’t have anything on my to-do list.  The one thing I didn’t do?  I didn’t learn how to step away.

I think I’m okay with that.  In the scheme of things, as a small business owner, we never really step away.  We wake up in the morning, watch our favorite tv show while we answer emails, then maybe we go lay out by the pool.  I’ve already had two clients tell me that I shouldn’t be working.  I know, I know.  I also know that I don’t want to come home to a slew of e-mails, meetings, and more.  There’s nothing like coming back from vacation and feeling the overwhelming feeling of “AHHH! I’m back at work and it’s so much worse than I remembered!”

Here’s what I’m here to tell you: it’s okay to take a break.  It’s okay not to fully step away, too.  I’ve been taking my daily photos while I’m here (mostly while sitting by the pool).  I also have been reading a book that isn’t work related, updating and engaging on Instagram, checking all my notifications, and more.  We’re here because my husband is at a work conference – he’s working, too.  Vacation doesn’t have to be crazy.  Sometimes it’s just being in a new place and living your life from there.  I’m not going to waste it either.

Clearly, I’m writing this blog on vacation (I’m going to go take a photo so I can post it later, too!).  I know that I can relax once the work is done.  I don’t want to completely cut off (this time).  There are times for that, but this time, I’m kind of on my own, so I can do it my way.

Today I wandered around Bok Tower Gardens, and it was pretty awesome.  I also answered emails, handled submissions, and engaged on social media.  I’ve gotta go for now – I’m off to the pool again!

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