Project 365 {Personal & Professional}

I have a confession to make: I’ve been in a rut.  It’s been almost impossible for me to come up with epic content like I used to when I was coordinating styled shoots all the time.  I made a choice this year that I’d do less styled shoots because they were pulling me away from my social media accounts, but as a result, I have a lot less pretty things to post.  It had become an issue: until Project 365.

I had an awesome dinner meeting about two weeks ago with John Cachero & Mike Dragon that ended up inspiring this Project 365.  John’s been working on a Project 365 for his 39th year.  Essentially you take a photo a day and post it to document your life.  He took it a step further and is doing it with his professional camera.

“What a cool concept,” I thought.  Especially since I had been in a content rut for longer than I care to admit.  With all the photography that I’ve been doing on the side (second shooting and assisting for weddings), I wanted a reason to use my camera more.  Now I have it in my Project 365.

I’m 8 days in.  You call follow my Project 365 on Instagram by following me here, or following the hashtag #mistysyearofpics. There will be some days that are awesome, and some days that may feel less inspired.  Either way, you’ll get some insight into me, what I do, who I hang out with, and what’s important to me.  From both a personal level and a professional level, you’ll get to see why I do what I do.  You’ll see why I’m a business owner and why I want to help others.

Do a Project 365 for yourself if you’re having a hard time with drumming up content.  I’ve always been a fan of letting people into your life and this is the perfect way to do it.  What seems mundane to you may be exciting to someone else.

The picture in this blog post?  That’s my Day 8/365.  It’s an aloe plant given to me by a friend.  We call it the friendship plant.  In honor of Best Friends’ Day today, it only made sense to use it.  It looks a little sad right now, but it’s well on it’s way to being a healthy plant soon.

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