Everyone Needs Their Day Saved Sometimes

I had a meeting with an amazing person today who complimented me on my business name, because she said it felt like it was warm, friendly and made her feel a sense of relief.  The truth?  mistysavestheday was my AOL screen name in middle school.  Saves the Day will always be my favorite band.  When I was thinking of how I wanted to name this business, “Misty Saves the Day” made the most sense – not only because I already had the Instagram handle, but also because it fit perfectly for the exact reasons listed earlier!

I’ve had clients (more than once) tell me that I’m a life-saver and that’s so sweet of them!  What I really want you to take away from it is that everyone needs their life saved sometimes!  We have a running joke amongst my group of friends… and that’s that my friends always save my day.  It’s true.  Example 1: One of my dearest friends took one of her rare days off work to drive with me five hours to Roanoke, set up furniture, and ride five hours back in one day last week.  She saved my day.  It wasn’t just because I needed help moving furniture (I did!), but she also made sure that I didn’t lose my mind on the 10+ hours I spent in the car.  We danced, we took work calls together, we laughed – and that’s what it’s about!

Example 2: Everyone needs someone to vent to, that they can laugh with, cry with, and call for the honest advice.  One of my best friends in the world is that person.  If I need an honest, unfiltered opinion, he’s who I call.  Everyone needs that person who you know won’t just give you the fluffy, happy version of the truth, but will give you the real, honest truth that you may not want to hear but definitely should.

Example 3: I have an amazing friend who is going on this wild ride with me.  She makes sure that I don’t get overwhelmed with clients, that I have my workflow in order, that I can be the best for everyone – and she does that all while raising a beautiful baby boy at home.  I have a few other fantastic employees that do the same thing, while working full-time jobs at other places.  That’s what makes Misty Saves the Day so special.  It’s an amazing collective effort.

Example 4: I have a few friends who always proof read my blogs, especially these personal ones.  They make sure that I haven’t gone typo crazy, or gotten TOO personal on a business page.

Misty Saves the Day is really about making sure that everyone has that person.  I have an awesome marketing consulting plan, and I end up being that person for so many of my clients.  I can be the person who will give the honest, unfiltered truth.  Sometimes I’m the person that you vent to, because I signed an NDA and I can’t tell anyone.  Either way, my end goal is always to be the person that can help you out of a tough situation, or to grow your business in a way that you may not have thought of, or to keep you accountable.  Sometimes you just need that person who asks why you haven’t posted on social media in 2 weeks.  That’s me.

It’s my favorite part of my job – being able to be that person for so many people.  It provides such a sense of reward and excitement to take some of that burden off of my clients.  I can only hope that my amazing friends that regularly save my day feel the same way.

  1. Carla says:

    Love!! It is awesome to have those people in your live that “save the day”. So thankful for a few in my life also.

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