Where You Lead, I Will Follow…{Marketing Your Business}

No, this is not a Gilmore Girls revival (x2) pitch, but the theme song seemed appropriate.  2017 has already proven to be extraordinarily interesting in terms of the “where” for Misty Saves the Day.  No, I’m not moving.  I love Virginia Beach and will happily live here forever.  I have been SUPER fortunate to have two clients already bring me out of Hampton Roads – Rowan Lane Events brought me to Raleigh in January, and just this week, I took a road trip to Roanoke for Chelsea Anderson Photography.  Marketing your business is one of my favorite things to do (it’s literally why I do what I do for a living), and styled shoots keep me creative.

Friday morning, I got an inquiry about another shoot out of the state.  I’m so STOKED!  I’m hoping that I get to do this one, too.  I get to work with new vendors, see stunning new venues, and come up with cool new concepts.  The creative stuff is what keeps me going!

What’s the moral of the story?

Find the RIGHT people to work with when you’re doing marketing shoots.  Or anything for that matter!  You’ve put your heart and soul into building a business.  Be sure you’re bringing people along for the ride who genuinely appreciate that and value what you’re doing.  Can anyone plan a photo shoot?  Sure. I won’t take that away from them. My goal will ALWAYS be to do what’s best for you and your brand.  Remember that ultimately, if you’re happy, it’s better for me and mine.

Chelsea Anderson wrote me a pretty fantastic review about her experience, so I’m putting it in here, because it’s crucial to consider:

“One of my marketing goals for 2017 was to expand my reach to another area of Virginia, specifically, Roanoke. As a Norfolk resident, the idea of planning a styled shoot across the state was daunting and overwhelming. However, I sat down with Misty, shared my brand with her, things that inspired me, and she made it all happen in a snap. It was my dream to shoot on a rooftop – and she made it happen, not only did she make it happen, but she made it happen with some of the most incredible vendors that fit with my brand absolutely beautifully. Not only did the shoot turn out AMAZINGLY for being across the state, but I also made some lasting and meaningful connections that I believe will be critical moving forward. I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Step outside of your comfort zone.  It’s safe here in Hampton Roads for me.  Sure, I have clients in other places all over the country, but I’m so excited for the opportunities that have come to me from people who want to expand their horizons, go beyond their city. I can’t wait to show you BOTH of those incredible shoots – the one in Raleigh was totally designed by Rowan Lane Events, and the one in Roanoke was designed by me.  For now?

Here’s a sneak peek from Chelsea’s shoot.

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