IMG_9576Everyone sets New Years resolutions with the best of intentions, and then they look back at the end of the year, and realize that they never actually lived up to them.  Because I’m not the type of person who let’s something as silly as a resolution get me down, a few years ago, I decided to make resolutions that would impact my life without being so specific.  For example: two years ago, my resolution was to live.  That’s it.  Live my life, get out of the house, do things with Piper and Chris, go to concerts – find a life outside of the mundane.  For those of you that have known me, you probably saw that – what, with weekly trips to Busch Gardens, the waterpark, the zoo… anything to get us out of the house, out from in front of the tv (even though that’s seriously my favorite), as un-tied to the computer as I know how to be (because, let’s be honest, the pictures that came later were always on social media that night).

Last year, my resolution was to grow.  With the knowledge that Maya was about to acquire Pure English, Silk, and The Bridal Dish™ by House of Maya, I knew that my position within House of Maya was about to take an exciting turn.  Boy, did I grow.  I learned more about me, my life, marketing, networking, growing a business, and more than I ever could have imagined.  Not only that, I quite literally grew… a baby.  Wrenny Penny changed my outlook on what my initial resolution was.  While growing is great professionally, what I also wanted to do was grow our family.  That spun this idea into my head, and I grew so much that I became my own entity.IMG_9204

I’ve poured over my 2016 resolution.  As great as losing weight would be (please, I just had a baby, that could be my resolution for the next 6 years), growing the business could be (that’s just one aspect of my life – of course I want to grow the business, but let’s think more globally), and finally learning how to use my camera could be (I know my photographer friends would appreciate me not handing them my camera to fix the settings or late-night texts about what I did wrong), these aren’t things that are necessarily about life, and living, like the first global resolution.  This year, my goal is organization.  That can mean a lot of things.  For me, it’s going to mean better work/life balance (which is what I pitch to my clients, so I need to practice what I preach).  It’s also going to mean just general organization: a schedule of events, scheduled blog posts, better social media practices for myself (I get so excited for everyone else, that I suddenly realize that I forgot to do my own things!).  I want to better brand myself, my clients, and more.  I downloaded PhotoShop.  That’s a bear in and of itself.  The important part is this: I want to be more organized to better my life, to better the lives of my clients, and to better the lives of my family.

IMG_5479Up Studio NC sent me a gorgeous planner to start that organization with.  I’m excited to see how it works out for me – it’s very goal-oriented (and being from sales, I’m all about goals!), and also caters to those that have multiple schedules (12 clients with various different social media schedules can be tough to keep up with!).  The beautiful thing is the “full circle” of all of this – one of the founders of UP Studio was one of the first brides that I had at Maya Couture.

I think the important thing to remember about resolutions is that they should never just be for the year – they should be something that better your life forever.  I’m ready for you 2016.  2015 was a seriously incredible year (that post is for another day) – I can only imagine how amazing the next year is going to be.

  1. Judith says:

    Amen to setting goals as opposed to resolutions! You’re gonna kick butt in the new year lady 😀

  2. Alicia says:

    May 2016 bring you many blessings!

  3. […] In 2016, my goal was organization – to get organized in business, in life.  I’m giving myself a gold star on that one – I totally did that.  I added 17Hats as a form of organization for bookkeeping and invoicing and I hired an accountant.  Streamlining things became huge for Misty Saves the Day.  I feel like organization is always just a work in progress, though.  There’s always a way to be better. […]

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