My Own Instagram Challenge

People use Instagram one of two ways: they either have a perfectly curated feed that showcases their work beautifully, almost like a little mini-portfolio, or they keep it all personal, showcasing pictures of their kids, their activities, their food – whatever they want.  Having a professional Instagram is a battle, and figuring out how to make it your own is even harder.

I tell my clients all the time to treat Instagram like a personal view into you, your life and your business. Mix the professional stuff with the personal stuff.  Try not to force the curated feed, because you want a level of authenticity there that you don’t necessarily get from a perfectly curated feed.  Over the last week or so, inspired by The Rising Tide’s Recharge Challenge, I spent some time on my account. I started scheduling posts that were relevant to things that I’ve done over the last year, whether it be fun behind-the-scenes photos or unique styled shoots – a lot more so than I usually do.  In the spirit of attempting to stay authentic and true to my brand, I hadn’t been showcasing all the awesome things that I’ve had the opportunity to do this year to the best of my ability. In between, I peppered the personal stuff: fun pics of the kids, hanging out with friends, cool gifts from clients.

Here’s what I found with my analytics (because if you know me, you know I obsess over analytics): I’ve gained 74 followers since December 1. Organically. As someone who truly believes in the power of organic social media marketing, and not “paying for likes” or followers or whatever some people may do, I’m super proud of that. I don’t have a huge following yet – and I’m okay with that.  I want everyone that follows Misty Saves the Day to be genuinely interested in what we do for our clients, and also in what our philosophies are about having a life outside of your business.

Here’s my point: don’t be scared to brag on yourself.  Let your work speak for itself.  Don’t forget to hashtag and tap into people who genuinely want to see what you’ve been up to. At the same tone, you should never feel like you’re being inauthentic when you brag on yourself – you do what you do for a reason.  I’m lucky enough to have a ton of clients who trust me and love what I do and how I do it – showcasing it in the best way possible and giving it life over social media for as long as I can is the least that I can do.  Don’t let the things that you do have an end date – continue to give them life for as long as they’re relevant.  Your followers want to see it – it’s why they follow you.

Are you following me yet? Click here – and go check it out and see for yourself.   I’m still doing my 2016 recap – and I’ve got a few more days to go, so there’s still some awesome goodness to share with you – and there’s a bunch more than I can’t yet that I can’t wait to show you for the future!

  1. Kathy Forrest says:

    You always inspire me to just DO! I’ve stayed so nervous about the whole bragging on myself part. It’s nice to be givin “permission”. Thank you. I strive to do better, be better.

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