Why I Re-Vamped my Instagram {Personal & Professional}

I’m a big advocate of Instagram working for you and your business.  I think a lot of it should be your professional images.  I think you should put some personal into your Instagram.  One of the things that I also advocate is mixing personal and professional – so long as you aren’t getting TOO personal.

That leads me to why I’ve re-vamped the way that I do my Instagram account.  I spend a lot of time curating content for my clients, and I know that it can be tough to look at your content and find the perfect thing to post.  What I found was that I was spending so much time searching for content, or only posting things from styled shoots because it was “pretty”, that I was completely forgetting that I do a million other things besides styled shoots.

But how do you show the fact that I’m posting on Kelley Stinson Photography’s Instagram page all the time?  How do you showcase that Photographer’s Playground has awesome floral backdrops that they create for rental? How can I show that I’m more than the styled shoots that I do?

I’m posting less styled shoots (particularly bringing them back after years), but there’s good reason for that.  I want to spend more time showing the personal, behind-the-scenes things on Instagram.  I want you to know who I am, and why I do what I do.  My Instagram is going to have a more personal spin on it than my Facebook – because, that’s what I want.  Get to know me and my family.  See my quirks.  Let me say “fuck” when I want to.

I’m going to continue to keep my Facebook professional.  I’ll showcase the amazing features that I find for my clients.  New clients, tips and tricks, blog posts, Facebook Lives – that will all happen on the Misty Saves the Day Facebook.

I’ve always been an advocate of giving people a reason to follow you in both places.  Now there will be.  I’m keeping Instagram more personal (and sharing the styled shoots when relevant), and keeping the Facebook way more professional.  You’ll see me posting fairly regularly on both, because, after all, I am a social media manager.

Aren’t following me on Instagram yet?  Check out my Instagram account here.  How about Facebook? Follow me here!

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