What’s the Point of Social Media?

Have you ever opened up your business Facebook page, or your Instagram, known you needed to update it, and then either posted something just for the sake of doing it without any intention behind it, or just gotten frustrated and closed your browser or app all together?

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Photo by Caitlin Gerres Photography at ILEA HR‘s Family Fun Event just for fun.

This is why content strategy is so incredibly important.  Each of my clients gets a well-thought out plan on what I’ll be posting, after an in-depth conversation as to their ultimate goals for their business, who their target audience is, and how we can capture them.  You have to consider the WHY of what you’re doing.  Why is social media important to you and your business?  What medium is going to be best to attract your audience?  How can you make sure that you’re keeping your clients engaged?

It’s important for you to realize that you don’t always have to post obvious original content.  You should consider your target audience, and what they’re engaging with.  If you’re a photographer, obviously a bulk of what you post should be your gorgeous images, but you also may want to consider posting helpful blogs, like the benefits of an unplugged wedding versus a wedding where guests are allowed to take photos.  This will help assert yourself as the expert, and your clients will really appreciate the advice and experience that you have.  You can also consider reposting great articles from well-known sites like Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and popular photography sites that talk about trending topics to get people talking.  While this content isn’t original, your followers will appreciate that you understand what they’re looking to see when they log on.

The power of social media is vast – I get referrals from Facebook groups I’m in, Instagram, Twitter, and more – and it’s all because I’m active, engaged, and know who my ideal client is.

This is just the start to a well-thought out social media strategy – every Facebook post, Instagram post, and more should have intention behind them.  Remember this: what’s the point if no one is engaging? What’s the point if you haven’t found your niche? You need to always be working to make sure that you’re getting a return on your investment – whether that be time or money.  Interested in learning more?  Want to chat about how I can help?  Click that beautiful “Contact” button on my menu!

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