You Can’t Phone It In {And Other Social Media Tips}

I’m about to tell you the truest of true stories: you cannot phone it in. You can read all the social media tips that the world has to offer, but if you’re not adding personality, if you aren’t connecting with your audience? Well, the harsh reality is that you’re just phoning it in.

“But Misty, I work so hard to come up with clever captions and find the PERFECT photo so that I can make sure I’m doing what all the books say I should.”

What I’m hearing is that you’re doing what literally everyone else is doing without any regard to who you are as a business owner and who you want your ideal client base to be. Or maybe you don’t know who that person is.

You can find social media tips all over the internet: do Reels, it’ll make your content go further and get you better engagement. Add video because people want to see your face and hear your voice. Post 3x a week or 1x daily or 3x per day, because it’s what someone else told you to do.

I’m sure you don’t know how often we customize marketing plans – because I don’t regularly talk about it. Every business is different – we don’t phone it in with them because we believe that each and every business is important and their marketing plans are important. That they can’t be the same because the businesses aren’t the same. Sure, we’ve read the same social media tips that you have, but we take it a step further and actually get to know you and who your clients are.

So the next time you just want to throw a quote up and let it work for you or give a one-liner as your caption because you think no one reads them – remember that you’re probably wrong.

Or maybe you’re not. That’s the whole point. Don’t phone it in. Pay attention to what works and what doesn’t. If you write a soliloquy, see if the engagement and numbers match up to the amount of time that you wrote it.

And if all else fails? Hire this great social media agency that I know. I hear they save the day and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

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