Six EASY Social Media Post Ideas (with examples!) for the Busy Business Person

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                   This is a group of creative minds with ideas for days!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: You don’t have to reinvent the wheel with every social media post you publish. What’s more important is being consistent. But… what if you’re trying to be consistent and you just can’t think of anything to post about? Chances are, you’re thinking too hard. It’s time to sit back and get out of your own head… and then maybe get back into it, because what’s in your head is great content!

In this blog, we’ll give you six EASY social media post ideas (and examples!) you can use as inspiration for your very own accounts.

While we love a good story, this isn’t one of those recipe blogs where you have to scroll through the seven-thousand words dedicated to a picnic they had in their childhood that inspired them just to get to the meat and potatoes (literally). Who’s got time for that?? You need social media post ideas and we’re here to provide them. Right now!

Social Media Post Idea #1: Your Story. It doesn’t need to be your entire autobiography. Pick a story from your past that lead you down the path you’re on now. What was a point of inspiration in your journey? Remember: don’t think too hard!
Example: “I can’t believe I’ve been working in this industry for so long! I remember my first day…

Social Media Post Idea #2: What are you doing today? Like, right now. RIGHT NOW right now. This can seem tricky if you’re planning in advance (like we recommend), but not impossible! Listen, no one is going to come and police your social media posts because the post about what you did today was actually what you did last week. It’s still YOUR day. Share it!
Example: “Visited this local shop today. Love that I work in proximity to so many other amazing local businesses!”

Social Media Post Idea #3: A photo of something you love, and why you love it. This can be your dog, your mom, your favorite houseplant (don’t pretend like you don’t have a favorite!), what you made for dinner last night. Literally anything. It gives insight into YOU, and that connects to people in a way that just throwing numbers and statistics at them doesn’t.
Example: “I keep this artwork hanging above my desk because it brings me peace and calm—which all of us could use in today’s busy world!”

Social Media Post Idea #4: Your WINS! It’s okay to brag. You SHOULD brag! Did you make a sale today? Post about it. Did you get up super early and work out? That might be inspiring to someone else! Did you hit a goal you set for yourself? Talk about what it took to get there. Be open and honest about setbacks and speedbumps.
Example: “So excited that this customer is taking home the scented candle I made! This scent is really special to me because it reminds me of my childhood, and I love sharing that with other people!”

Social Media Post Idea #5: Your support system. We didn’t get to where we are in life all by ourselves. Talk about the people who surround you, whether that’s your family, friends, employees, or coworkers. Tell your followers about them, how they help you or support you. It builds a stronger sense of community and it ALSO shows your support system how much they are appreciated. Win/win.
Example: “While I like to consider myself ‘self-made’, I would not be where I am today without the support of my store’s manager, Jill. Even on the hard days she has inspiring words that keep me going!”

Social Media Post Idea #6: Why YOU? Honestly, tell people why. Give them reasons, and cite your sources. Why your company? Why order from you? What makes your product, your personality, stand out?
Example: “Our candles are made in small batches. Why? This is the way I started making them at home! The same way we started making candles is the same way we make them for you, so you know they’re special, high quality, and made with love.”

Here’s a key tip we are constantly having to remind ourselves of at Misty Saves the Day:

It’s okay to repeat yourself in social media posts.

Just like not every post has to be reinventing the wheel, not every post has to be brand new content. Your story is always going to be your story, but not all of your followers are going to scroll back to find it. Keep it fresh on their minds! Present it in a new way—or post it as a throwback if you can’t think of a different way to tell your story. With how the algorithms work and the ebb and flow of followers, you will reach different eyes each time. You’re far more likely to get a comment that says “I remember this story! I love it!” than you are “Ummm, you told this story two months ago.”—and if you DO get that kind of comment, those aren’t your people.

The BEST social media advice I can offer you to wrap up this blog is a tale as old as time—and one I am still teaching my kids:

Just like in real life: not everyone is going to like you on social media, and that’s okay.

It’s SO easy to get into the comparing game as you scroll through your feeds, and that can really get you down. This other similar account is growing faster, or has more engagement. Why? It feels like high school all over again: Why don’t they like me as much? What am I doing wrong? Why aren’t I popular?

What would you tell younger you? Take a deep breath, step away for a moment, and remember that you are awesome—you just haven’t found your people yet. Keep being authentically you in your social media posts, keep showing up, and you WILL.


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