It’s Okay To Say No {Business & Simplifying}

It’s okay to say no.  As business owners, we have the hardest time saying no.  We see everything as a potential missed opportunity – whether it  be revenue, exposure, or whatever else may be happening.  Saying no in business is okay – and that’s because you should always be working towards your own goals.  Not everything is a missed opportunity.  Let me explain.

I’ve had a lot of conversations recently with other business owners, particularly ones in the wedding and creative field, about wanting to showcase the things that they’re truly passionate about.  I love my job because I get to learn so many things about what makes a business run. I get to see what keeps business owners excited about what they do.

I’ve heard all sorts of things:

“People call me to ask for this, but this is really the kind of thing that I want to be showcasing.”

“Sometimes I wonder if I should show my work like this instead, because it’s what is popular right now.”

“What if what I’m doing doesn’t catch on?”

So, here’s the thing: you have to LOVE what you do, especially as a business owner.  If you don’t love the aspects of your job, and aren’t supremely proud of the things that you’re putting into the world – well, why do it?

I’m equally guilty of not saying no when I should.  I can think of a few times that I’ve made the mistake as a business owner.  I’ve taken on things that I know that I CAN help with, but might not be what my ideal scenario is.  While my client has never suffered for it, I have.  Maybe I don’t want to do a certain thing – and as a result, I end up spending more time procrastinating or over-thinking something than taking the bull by the horns and being excited about it.  Make no mistake – I don’t do this lightly.  Everything that I do and everything that I search for and try to attain for the business is all with the client’s best interest at heart (it’s why I have the reputation that I do).

What’s this have to do with Misty Saves the Day?

As a result of ALL of this, and all these feelings that I’ve had since March (that’s how old parts of this blog post are!), I’m excited to announce that Misty Saves the Day has new packages.  They’ll be designed with the client’s best interest in mind, as well as mine.  You’ll see that they’ll be more well-rounded, less a la carte, and with the idea that you should be working to be seen on all platforms instead of a few.  I’ll be saying no to certain things so I can say yes to the things that I love.

Sometimes saying no means simplifying things. That’s what I’m doing – I’m making it so that I can be sure that my clients are getting the absolute best of me and my employees.  I’m excited about what the final product will be – and am excited that a few clients have already signed up under the new structure.

Interested in learning more?  I’ve still made sure that the costs associated are perfect for small business owners.  Drop me a line and let’s chat!  E-mail me at to learn more about the cool changes that I’m making.

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