Pro Tip: Have Pro Pics {Tips & Tricks}

This blog is one that I’ve wanted to write for a while, but haven’t quite had the words until recently.  The pro tip of the day – you should be using pro pics for all of your marketing.  This isn’t just because I value great photography.  It’s because your clients will, too.  That pic at the beginning of the post?  Taken by Dragon Studio. Think of three things: your social media, your branding, and your website.

Social Media

Think about it this way: if you go to a professionals page, and it’s all cell phone photos versus a well-marketed photo, who are you more likely to choose? To interact with? The social media world tells us that potential clients are far more likely to interact with photos that are consistent in good quality and clarity.  Great photos of you, your work, and your product can truly put you a step above the rest.


It’s part of branding.  You want to make sure that you brand yourself well – and professional photos will do that.  Beyond that, know your worth.  Let your photos be reflective of your work. Help your clients see that you’re worth your price with great photos to support it.


Beyond social media, consider your website.  Is it functional?  Do the photos load well?  Are they pixelated? You can have a gorgeous website design, but without professional caliber photos to support it, it will look like any other website.

Can I use cell phone pics?

There is a place for cell phone pics in the social world and marketing world.  InstaStories, SnapChat, and other places like that allow for a more real, in-the-moment version of you. People want to see that.  Just remember that your first impression should be your best one, and professional photos will help you do that.

Posting can only take you so far.  Making sure that the content is fantastic?  That’s what will really make social media successful for you.  Want to learn more?  Use that handy contact form in the corner or email me at!

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