Networking While You Work

I have a rule when it comes to photo shoots – and I follow it fairly intensely.  I always make sure that I work with at least ONE vendor that I’ve never worked with before.  Maybe even never met.  This is for a few reasons, but I’ll go through my whole mindset with you (that’s what blogging is for, right?).

Why do people do photo shoots?  Styled shoots? Any of it?  It’s for different reasons: to build your portfolio, to showcase something that you’ve always wanted to do, but your client needs to be able to see visually, to fulfill your dream of getting published, or because you’re rebranding.  I’m sure there’s more, but those are just the ones that come to mind.  These are all POSITIVE things, and you should want to bring along a few different people for the ride.

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If you’re like me, and doing 1-2 photo shoots on a monthly basis, you want to make sure that you don’t overextend those that you regularly work with.  Don’t ask the same florist to donate her time to your shoots – her time, her money, and her product is valuable.  Show her that by ensuring that you’re using her for shoots that also highlight her work well – her ideal client.  Don’t arbitrarily choose vendors because “you’ve always wanted to work with them” – design with vendors in mind, and then let those vendors take your inspiration and soar.  Do your research, read their reviews, study their work.  Naturally, you’ll work with vendors more than once – you should!  Just make sure you’re switching a few people up each time!

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Photo by Dustin Lewis Images. Cake topper from Table 7. Cake by Cake Delights. Vintage doors from Shelley’s Shabby Shack. Published on Artfully Wed.

We all have our tribe – the people that we get along best, that we’ve grown with in business, that we share trade secrets with.  The way that we can continue to grow, and grow with our tribe, is to include people in our endeavors that we don’t know.  Expand your circle.  Look beyond the known.  Some of the most beautiful photo shoots that I have done have arisen out of vendors that I’d never had the pleasure of working with before.  Oftentimes those working relationships turn into friendships as well – and we all know that we work with people and refer those that we know, like, and trust.

Photo by Erika Mills Photography. Paper goods by The Girl Tyler. Gown by Privee Bride of Ghent. Published in VOW.

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I have shoots going into multiple publications over the next few months.  I’ve been working diligently, and I can’t wait for you to see what’s next for Misty Saves the Day.  So many fun things up my sleeve – I have six photoshoots scheduled over the next three months – all involving vendors that I’ve never worked with before.  Interested in having a little help achieving a dream?  Click that “contact” button today to learn more – and to spread the love!

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