Kim Trotto: Who’s On My Couch Series

Today I had the privilege of getting to chat with Kim Trotto of About Face Makeup Artistry & Aesthetics at the house – so, of course, I needed to take her picture and do a quick feature for the “Who’s On My Couch?” series.  I’m all about showcasing the people behind the business (you know that I love mixing the personal into it, it’s kind of my thing). So here’s a few fun facts about Kim:

  1. She started doing makeup because she couldn’t find anyone who did her makeup for her eyes the way that she liked or made her feel comfortable.  Kim wanted to showcase people (and herself) in a way that made people feel like themselves and not over-the-top.
  2. Her favorite makeup artists are Robert Jones and the late Kevin Aucoin.
  3. She loves riding bikes and did a full marathon with her son three years ago (however slowly it happened!).

Kim & I have been working on some awesome marketing initiatives as well as some web work, and have some exciting things coming up (that we’ll be able to talk more about soon!), so get excited.

For fun, here’s some really sweet things that Kim has said about working together (because you know your clients always say it better than you):

“Misty Saves the Day has been so helpful to me providing insight, connections, networking opportunities and even technical support as I navigate the social media maze. She is patient & truly vested in your success. I strongly encourage any wedding professional to consider her service. She possesses both the tangible talents but more importantly, the soft skills that help you grow. She has been wonderful!”

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