It’s (Not) All About the Followers, Baby.

Am I aging myself with this dated song reference? Maybe. The year was 1997. Sean Combs, then known as Puff Daddy, released a song in which he spoke of life being all about hundred dollar bills. Now let’s move forward to the end of the year 2022, when how much money we make can sometimes feel like it’s based on the number of “likes” or “followers” we have on any given platform. These are our new-age Benjamins.
Pressure has been put on follower counts for a number of years now, but does the number of people who follow you on Facebook or Instagram really translate to success?

Well, it sure doesn’t hurt. But the truth is this:

Success is NOT determined by your follower count.

I wouldn’t listen to anyone says that your follower count is “just a vanity metric”, but having a high follower count isn’t going to make or break your business. We’ve all seen businesses with little to no online presence that are doing well despite not being online. On the other hand, we’ve seen businesses and influencers with high follower counts that don’t convert any of their numbers to sales.

The answer to the loudest question on the internet: “how do I use this thing right?” lies in how you guide your potential customers through their online journey.

Stop focusing on how many followers you are, or aren’t getting.

Please, please stop looking at your numbers. It’s going to ebb and flow. People will come and go. Spammy accounts will get removed occasionally, and you’ll see your numbers drop. You might post a reel one day with a trending sound and gain one-hundred followers over night. Cool. Now what are you going to DO with those followers?

Take their hand, friend. They want you to lead the way. The followers want you to engage. Think of it this way: when you follow a social media account for a business, what do you look for? What THRILLS you as a potential customer? Being spoken to like a human, and not just a business constantly trying to sell you the next great thing (even if that’s what we are all trying to do). Responses to your engagement. Posts that are funny, or witty, or beautiful.

Numbers mean nothing if you do nothing with them—so do something.

That’s right, get engaged.

Well, not with a ring, but with your followers!

One hundred followers, one thousand followers, one million followers, it doesn’t matter. Well, it DOES matter, but you should treat one hundred followers the same way you’d treat one million followers.

Let them get to know you, your business, and your product. Guide them by letting them know why your thing IS the “next great thing.” Maybe they followed you on a whim. Maybe they saw a pretty picture and hit “like.” It’s even possible that their follow was a total accident. That’s fine, now show them why they should stay.

Quality content, consistency, and being ACTUALLY conversational with users and other brands/businesses is key. When followers are engaged, they press the “like” or “heart” button. They share your content with their friends and family. They develop a relationship with your brand that makes them more open to hearing from you when you have something to market and sell. The next time they need something you provide, they’re going to think of YOU first.

That is the kind of followers you want. The more you get engaged, the more engagement you will see in return.

So maybe Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy aka P Diddy was only partially right. Perhaps the truth is that it’s all about a few Benjamins. The other ones? Not so much.

We’ll sign off by saying this: we know it’s hard not to focus on your follower count. You see growth and that can only mean good things! We’re growing, we’re getting out there, we’re seeing success! Remember what we learned in school all those years ago: correlation does not equal causation. Followers do not equal instant sales. The key we want you to take away when looking at your social media accounts tonight?

Quality, not always quantity.

Let’s make 2023 the year of engagement!
Comments, likes, shares… maybe even rings, who knows! The possibilities are endless.

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