How Reviews Can Shape Your Business

I’ve always been a big proponent of reviews and highlighting them for your followers and potential clientele.  Your clients can say things about you that you can’t say about yourself.  My latest one came from Josh Fowler of Fowler Studios – and was a total surprise in my Facebook inbox:

Josh & Susan Fowler of Fowler Studios Misty Saves the Day Facebook Social Media Review

Josh & Susan Fowler of Fowler Studios

“I feel the need to message you to tell you how freaking awesome you are at your job. Not sure if you needed that compliment today, but yeah… You’re freaking awesome! If you asked me if you could do better, I would have no idea what to tell you. That’s how good you’re doing with our stuff. It’s unreal.”

I couldn’t say that about myself – but it’s been an honor and a privilege to do that hard work for Fowler Studios’s Facebook page.  I love seeing their company grow the way that it has – and that’s what it’s all about!

Can I call myself freaking awesome?  Sure.  I could.  But having a business like this means that I have enough faith in myself and my abilities already – what my clients and potential clients need to know is that other people feel the same way.

It’s a simple concept, but one you need to remember – share those reviews!  It may feel like you’re bragging, but you aren’t – your clients are doing it for you, and potential clients want to see that.

Your work will always set you apart from your competitors – but your reviews and what your clients say about you could be the deciding factor between you and someone else.  Tell the world – you’ve worked hard, and your clients are grateful!  Don’t have any reviews? Ask for them!  Whether by email, WeddingWire, or another avenue, not only can those reviews be great promotional tools, but they’ll also be an encouragement for what you’re doing, or teach you what to do differently in the future to continue to find that ideal client.

It seems simple, but there are so many other tools that I can help you with when it comes to reaching that ideal client!  Interested in learning more about how I can help with your social media, marketing, and branding?  Contact me using that handy dandy contact form, or email me at!

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