Happy Father’s Day

Some of you have had the pleasure of working with my amazing husband, Christopher.  Not only is he a kickass husband, but he’s also my best friend, and the best dad that you’ve ever met in your life.

It’s not because I’m biased.  People tell me all the time, “Chris loves to be a dad – you can tell how much he loves his girls, and that he’d do anything for his family.” It’s true.

Not only has his INCREDIBLE support for Misty Saves the Day meant that this company could happen and be successful, but he’s even taken on a role with it – all while working a full-time job.  Those beautiful websites that we’ve put out there?  Chris Prewitt is the one who really made it happen.  I helped with design, content, and development – but Chris Prewitt is the one who made the SEO, the tech stuff, the HTML that I don’t want to touch – he’s the one who made it happen.

Not only did he do all of those amazing things – but he takes care of the girls so that I can work late – let’s me go to industry events while he has “girls nights” at the house with Piper & Wren.  What’s he doing right now?  Spending Father’s Day weekend having individual date days with his girls.  I mean, really? How does someone get so lucky?

Misty Saves the Day Boo at the Zoo

Look at how tiny Wrenny Penny was…

Chris is the best dad ever.  Best dad of the year?  Best husband of the year?  All I know is that this family wouldn’t run without him, and I’m forever grateful.  He’s set the bar high for any man that comes into the lives of our daughters – because he’s a unicorn.  He’s our unicorn, and we’re the luckiest.


Andi & Zoe Birth Photography Misty Saves the Day

Photo by Andi & Zoe

Andi & Zoe Family Maternity Virginia Beach Misty Saves the Day

Photo by Andi & Zoe

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