9 Months

Wren Collins is 9 months old today.  9 months.  She’s fussy, and frustrating and amazing.

Misty Saves the Day Wren and Piper

She’s almost walking, she’s crawling all over the place, she’s making hilarious faces on a daily basis, and she’s also the sweetest little thing you’ve ever met.  It’s going to be hilarious to watch her grow with her sister.

misty saves the day wren collins

She’s so sassy.  In the picture above, she’s screaming into the phone at Chris because she wants him to come home.  It’s precious.

She only says “mama” when she’s mad, and loves her daddy so much – but more than anything, Piper is her favorite person in the world.  She chases her around the house, pulls her hair, and loves her hard.  I’m so grateful to get to watch her grow.

As you know, whenever it’s Wren’s monthly birthday, it’s also Misty Saves the Day’s monthly birthday.  Yay for 9 months strong with fantastic clients!  We’re up to 19 fantastic clients with 4 styled shoots from additional clients in the works – and we’ve got room for more!  It’s been fantastic, and I’m so grateful to all the amazing companies who have entrusted Misty Saves the Day with their social media, marketing, and branding initiatives!

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