Find What Drives You {Personal & Professional}

I have a confession. One that probably won’t surprise you, and one that probably isn’t that big of a deal to you, but totally is to me.  You have to find what drives you.  For me, it’s always been moments, pictures, things that only last for a second but you get to keep forever.  Let me explain.

There is more to life than my business.  There’s more to life than being the owner of Misty Saves the Day.  I absolutely love my clients and what I do, and I get to have SO much fun every day at my job.  You know what though?  I spent years helping brides find the perfect vendors, couples find the perfect attire, and now I work to help many amazing wedding vendors share their fantastic work.

You know what I didn’t do in that 10 years of experience? I never got to really see the end result.  A few of my amazing clients invited me to their wedding, and I was able to attend a few, but I never REALLY got to see it from the vendor side.

Pair that with my love of everything photography related and being super fascinated by the amazing editing styles that different people have and the way that they tell the stories in front of them, and I’ve gotta tell you something.

I’ve been going to weddings to learn how to use my camera.  Which resulted in me selling my camera for a better one.  You guys have seen me post a ton of photos of my kids and my life (and I totally know that it’s not the same, hear me out) – but I didn’t want that to be all that I knew how to do.

Mike of Dragon Studio has been letting me come intern at weddings.  No, I’m not a second shooter.  I have some things to learn first. I’ve learned a lot so far, though, and it’s amazing (to me, anyway) how far I’ve come in just a few short weeks.  Here’s what you need to know: I’m excited to learn and have a blast with it, but I am not trying to be a wedding photographer.  I don’t want to own my own photography company.  What I do want is to be better for my clients in both knowledge of fantastic photography, being able to take behind-the-scenes pics at styled shoots, doing awesome blog series like “Who’s On My Couch?” without using cell phones, and maybe, just maybe, second shooting every once in a while for fun.

I got into this because I love weddings.  I want to hold on to that love by living vicariously though the epic images that come through my inbox to post my clients’ social media.  Every once in a while, I want to see it in real life. I want to dance to fun music, capture those fleeting moments, and see how someone else edits and makes my photos even better.  Weddings have always been what drives me.  It’s why I specialize in working with event professionals and creatives.

So, wish me luck. On something that I’m really enjoying learning and having fun with (and might end up being kind of good at!).

And special thanks to Dragon Studio for taking a few awesome behind-the-scenes pics of me at weddings.

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