Wren’s First Week at School

It was a big week for the Prewitt household.

Yep, we launched ISO:ALT (well, we announced it anyway – follow us on Instagram & Facebook!).  I found out that I have two amazing shoots coming out in a local publication (guys, I’m itching to show you).  I had a beautiful feature on Tidewater & Tulle with some amazing vendors.

It was a great week for me professionally.

Personally, it was also great. Date day with the husband. A fun night out with friends.

And Wren started daycare.


My baby, my littlest Wrenny Penny spent five days this week at daycare.  Guys, I got SO MUCH done.  So much.  I can’t say that I didn’t call almost every day to check on her.  Wren LOVED school.  She loved it.  Is it bad that I was not excited about that?  I kind of wanted her to be a little more sad about it.  But she loves it there, and loves hanging out there.  She gets sad when we leave, of course, but we get photos all day, and when we pick her up, she’s happily hanging out with her new friends, and runs to us at the door.

Because she’s running. She’s not even 11 months old.

How on earth did this happen? When did my baby get so big?  How are we celebrating her first birthday next month?

That’s another blog for another day.

At the rate that this amazing business is growing, I know that my girls are or will be so proud of me and how far it’s come.  If I’m being completely honest, staying at home is hard.  And those that do it will agree with me.  It’s amazing getting to see your baby grow up before your eyes, but having to choose whether or not to sit and play or stay up all night and work is a heart wrenching decision.  I’m grateful that Wren is in daycare now (starting next month, it’ll only be two days a week, so I’ll get to spend more time with her then), and that means that I’ll get to spend more nights snuggling my husband watching America’s Got Talent or Mr.Robot instead of sitting in front of my computer screen.

Do we still get to call me a stay-at-home mom? Who cares?! I know what’s best for me, my babies, and my business, and that’s what we’re doing right now.

Know your limits.  Know when it’s time.  Wren has grown up so fast, and so has this business.  I’m so grateful that I got to stay at home with her five days a week.  Now, I’m even more grateful that I’m able to send her to school to play with her friends and really enjoy her when she’s home with me.  You know I’m an advocate of outsourcing (it’s literally what I do) – I outsourced my childcare so I could enjoy my time loving on my baby that much more.

  1. jollityco says:

    Awww! You’re making me all teary. Watching them grow up is the most rewarding and yet painful thing.

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