What’s Your Favorite Thing?

We all have bad days.  All of us.  Or bad moments that turn into bad days.

Habitually, when I have a bad moment, I let it turn into a bad day.  I’ll be honest.  My closest friends know it.  My husband definitely knows it.  I also tend to overreact to things (I said it, I know it). I take what I perceive to be a tough situation and turn it into a worse one.

These are not my best qualities.  Why on earth would I put this out there?

Because I’m saying it, today, that I, from this day forward, will do my best not to let that happen.  How?

“What’s your favorite thing you did today?”

We started asking Piper that when she could talk so she’d tell us the awesome things about daycare that she did – usually it was artwork, playing with friends, etc.  Now we get her to do it when she’s frustrated (and still when she’s been at school all day so we can learn more about what’s happening when we aren’t around).

There was a… thoughtful moment today.  I’m not going to call it a bad moment, because it wasn’t.  Just a moment where I got in my head, got frustrated, got flustered, and needed to work it out (and I did). I could’ve let that moment ruin my day.  That would’ve been on me.

Instead, I’m here to tell you about three great things that happened today:

1. Piper burst into the bathroom when I was in the shower this morning singing a song about how I’m the best mommy ever.

2. The NorVa shared some photos from that shoot – and y’all know how I love the NorVa.

3. My husband, upon hearing that I may be having a bad day, offered to give me the night off and out (which I didn’t), but was super thoughtful and awesome.

So who cares about the few bad moments that I had today? Because there were some great things that happened.  We spend so much time focusing on the negative instead of all of our awesome moments.

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