Welcome to My Adventure!

I am so excited to share this amazing journey with all of you!  This has been a wild ride, and was such an exciting decision to make with my family.  Watching so many of my friends and fellow wedding vendors grow in the business with their own companies has been such an incredible inspiration that I couldn’t stand it any longer – I had to do the same for myself!

I have been incredibly privileged to work with House of Maya for the last 7 years, and it has meant the world to grow with Maya Holihan and her phenomenal company.  Going from bridal consultant to assistant manager to manager, to assisting with the opening of the Suffolk location, to general manager, and finally to Director of Marketing was more than my dreams could’ve imagined.  Not only were the opportunities incredible, but the friendships made, the support given by Maya and the staff, and the interacting with the fantastic brides is what propelled me to have a passion for the industry.

It’s that passion and drive that caused me to come up with Misty Saves the Day.  Because truly – why not?  I loved my job with House of Maya, and I loved helping the company grow, and now I want to do that for the other businesses in my life as well as future clients that I’m sure to get to know!  I’m excited to be able to work from home and snuggle Wrenny Penny with Piper and the pups while working diligently for you and your company.   I’m excited to keep working with the vendors that I know and love and have supported me over the last 7 years.


Photo by Trisha Sheehan Photography

I know that my girls are going to be so proud of me and so excited to watch Mommy grow her business.  I can’t wait to share this wild ride with all of you.  It’s going to be nothing short of awesome.

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