September Recap: Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Dogs, Oh My! {Personal}

September has always been a crazy month for me.  It’s also my very favorite month, so I’m sad when it comes to an end (but then we get Halloween, so, I’m only SO sad about it). For me, it always signified the first day of school, amazing weather, my birthday (because, let’s be honest, that’s so crucial), and more.  Because September is amazing, I have to confess: I haven’t been so great at blogging.  Sure, I’ve showed you all the gorgeous styled shoots that were published this month, but I haven’t given you the Misty-Saves-the-Day personal awesomeness that we all know and love.  Because of that, I give you… a recap.

This year, September was a little more special because Piper started Kindergarten.  Let’s just say… school is not her favorite.

The first few weeks of school were tough.  She wanted to argue with me every morning when she got dressed, she was used to having Chris get her ready in the morning, but now that she’s PM kindergarten it’s all me.  Needless to say… it was an adjustment.  We’ve got it down now, and have taken the opportunity to hang out a little more and that’s been fantastic.

I also turned 31 this month.  My friends were fantastic and threw me a small get-together to celebrate.  This happened as a result:

dragon studio, misty saves the day, find your tribe

I can’t reiterate how fantastic my friends are.  Friendship totally keeps you going in the midst of all the insanity that happens.  Well, friends and obviously family.

Wren turned 2 this month.  This deserved it’s own blog post (and may still get it), but she turned 2. We had a small little party (her birthday is the day after mine), and Wren had a stellar time.

Wren Prewitt

As if that weekend wasn’t busy enough… we brought home the newest member of our family that day.  Meet Luna, a terrier mix who’s a crazy puppy and fantastic.  We adopted her from the Virginia Beach SPCA, and she’s so super fantastic that we can’t deal with all her snuggly, chewy puppy ways.

vbspca, terrier mix

But wait, there’s more!  Because September didn’t have enough packed into it – it’s ALSO our anniversary!  On the 21st, Chris and I celebrated TEN years of marriage together (pretty awesome, right?!).  Here’s a little throwback to show you how far we’ve come:

kaiser custom images, mckee photography

Photo by McGee Photography

Basically, September is amazing.  As it rounds out, I have to be grateful for all the professional accomplishments that have happened as well.  There was a feature on Every Last Detail, Tidewater and Tulle, ISO:ALT and The Perfect Palette – and more coming soon from styled shoots I’ve had the privilege of being part of.  Check out the latest blog posts to see those.  I’ve got some blog posts coming up with some awesome social media tips that I’ve been working on – and can’t wait to share those with you.  Thank you all for understanding that September is the month of personal awesomeness – and being part of it!

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