Remember Your Roots {Personal & Professional}

I was having a great talk with a potential client today about why I started the company, what I stand for, and I realized that I’d forgotten my roots.  It’s tough, because, as business owners, we get caught up in the “business” side.  We get caught up in gaining more clients, making more money, being whatever our version of success is.  It’s important to remember your roots.

I have to remind myself of why I started this business – what I was doing before: I was working a job in marketing, about 60 hours a week, at a local bridal salon.  I LOVED my job and was treated beautifully.  There was a moment after I had Wren, though, where I wanted to be my own boss.  I wanted to make my own hours and make time for my family.  You know what I’ve really done though?

I’ve spent a lot of late nights and weekends working.  I haven’t made the most of my time without the kids.  In the beginning, I was working from home all day WITH Wren, and I think that forced me to be more productive.  When the kids aren’t here (and they aren’t here a lot of the time anymore), I find myself distracted.  I’m watching tv, I’m perusing Facebook (which is partially my job, partially an easy place to procrastinate).  Have no fear: my clients are all well taken care of.  You know what I’ve forgotten though?  My roots.

Seriously, remember your roots.

It’s easy to be a business owner sometimes.  You make your own schedule, you work whatever hours you want, you take the clients you want to take.  The tough part?  Not always having the accountability you need.  What I need to remember is my roots.  I need to remember those 60 hour work weeks, and where I came from.  I need to remember that I started this business 6 days after Wren was born, because I wanted to be home more.

Don’t get me wrong.  I AM home more.  We hang out.  We do fun things as a family (waterpark days for the win!), but I could do more.  I could make sure that I’m not working on social media scheduling on weekends.

What’s this mean for Misty Saves the Day?

One of the things that I offer now (kind of on the low-down) is being a second photographer.  I have a few people that I work with, and I’m happy to take more clients – so long as I’m still making time for my family.  Photography has been something that has always been important to me, and I’ve spent the last year and a half learning a lot. I’m excited that I’ve gotten to use the skills that I’ve learned to go ENJOY working the weddings that I get to schedule and post on social media.  Does that make sense?

It’s been SO great to get out from behind the computer.  This means that I get to spend the weekdays focusing on social media scheduling.  That also means that I have to be more intentional with my time.  I’ve been doing fewer styled shoots so I can focus more on scheduling social media during the week and not letting it spill over into nights and weekends, so I can focus on being a second photographer and a mom on the weekends.

I know this blog is a little all over the place.  It was a brainchild in my head for a while, but I wanted to make sure that I posted it here.  I wanted to be kept accountable.  This blog has kept me accountable for a long time (or lived to laugh at me, like my constant struggle to lose my “30 for 30″… which I never did).  Thanks for continuing to support me as Misty Saves the Day and everything I stood for, stand for, and will continue to work on.

  1. Miss Becky says:

    It takes a village and family is the foundation of your “village”!

  2. The_Blog says:

    Oh this! All of this! I was struggling this week with ‘My Roots’ and reading this was a beautiful reminder. <3 Specially after the day I had yesterday! Thank you Misty for all you do and share with us. YOU ROCK! 🙂

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