Misty Saves the Day Reviews in 2017 {Professional} Part 2 of 3

I’ve always said that clients can say more about you than you can say about yourself.  My Misty Saves the Day reviews are some of my proudest moments – because clients are raving, and that means I’m doing my job well!  Without further ado, here are some of the awesome things that clients have said in 2017 (with awesome photos from each of them!):

“Misty is absolutely phenomenal! She has an astounding eye for detail and that really helps when it comes to styled shoots and other ideas for marketing. Misty got a shoot of mine featured on a blog and I had no idea she did it! I can’t recommend her enough!!  Thanks Misty!”

Will Hawkins, Will Hawkins Photography

will hawkins photography, misty saves the day, katherine hallberg design

Photo by Will Hawkins Photography, with gown by Studio I Do, hair and makeup by Darling & Dapper, florals by Fluttering Flowers, rentals by Chic Unique Vintage Rentals & Events, and that epic backdrop by Katherine Hallberg Design at Norfolk Botanical Garden.

“It’s always fun working with Misty! Her ability to think outside of the box makes all of her projects so unique.”

– Barbara Anderson, Style Events & Virginia Wedding Week

virginia wedding week, iso:edu, dragon studio, misty saves the day

Photo by Dragon Studio for Virginia Wedding Week

“Misty literally saves the day. As a super busy mom of 3 and business owner, her blogging services has helped me numerous times! Misty is amazing and invaluable!!!”

– Keely Julson, Kiwi Marie Photography

kiwi marie photography, misty saves the day reviews

Photo by Kiwi Marie Photography of a precious little babe <3

“Social media is essential to the success of any business in this rapidly changing technological world. Having someone like Misty has been instrumental to the success of my own business. She helps to maintain the media relevance of my company while ensuring sustainability not only for my current customers but for future bridal business as well. She is the essential nourishment needed for the growth of any business and I feel so completely grateful to have found her as my business continues to grow and flourish with her right by side in so many ways.”

– Brooke Thurman Bander, Milk & Honey Bride

dragon studio, misty saves the day, milk & honey bride, coastal virginia magazine

Photo by Dragon Studio, featured in Coastal Virginia Bride for Milk & Honey Bride

“I can’t possibly say enough about Misty Saves The Day! When we first hired Misty, she gave my company room to breathe. I was overworked, stressed, and just didn’t have the time to commit to social media. Her postings were on point with my company and truly reflected “my voice.” When I read her posts, I heard me. She told our story, engaged others, and really became a cheerleader for ViewItDoIt. But I didn’t expect what came next. It wasn’t just about social media. It was about marketing and branding and really guiding us through the growth of our own business. Really, she became much more than a social media guru. I used to think she was like a buoy, keeping our company afloat. What I realized is she was our anchor….that rock that we could come back to…..that place to come back to center…..a place to come home. She has helped us grow immensely, and I am forever grateful. Thank you for all you do for so many! And thank you for what you have done for ViewItDoIt and more importantly, my family!”

– Vanessa Lane, ViewItDoIt

viewitdoit, waterside norfolk, misty saves the day, dragon studio

Photo by Dragon Studio at the Grand Opening of Waterside.

“I had the privilege to work with Misty on a shoot. This lady is amazing. No detail is left not addressed. A professional in a class of her own. I would be honored to work with her, for her, or hire her. You would be as well.”

– Annette Lindsey, I Do Weddings with Love

either ore jewelers strawbridge, meredith rycarz photography, i do weddings with love, misty saves the day

Photo by Meredith Ryncarz Photography with rings by Either Ore Jewelers Strawbridge

“I’m so thankful for Misty! When I reached out to Misty Saves the Day for help with my photography business… She not only taught me how to rethink things, but how to do them better. Misty is truly magical in the world of social media and marketing. I don’t think I would be in the place I am today if it wasn’t for her encouraging words, and faith in my love of photography. There were days I wanted to quit and walk away for good. But Misty was quick to teach me that I should keep pushing forward and showing me other ways to reach my goals and dreams. My heart is forever grateful for Misty and all she still brings to my business. Knowing that I have an amazingly sweet and caring person like Misty in my corner is a gift like any other. And let’s not forget about the unique styled shoots she can put together. I was even blessed to have her help me complete and publish a styled wedding shoot! And the way she pulls your thoughts right from you to create such masterpiece of a styled shoot is a work of art. Truly the greatest talent our Hampton Roads community has. I can’t wait to see what this coming year will bring my photography all because of Misty Saves the Day.”

– Tashena Shaw, Tashena Shaw Photography

tashena shaw photography, misty saves the day, kathy forrest design

Photo by Tashena Shaw Photography with florals by Kathy Forrest Design

“Misty Saves the Day has been so helpful to me providing insight, connections, networking opportunities and even technical support as I navigate the social media maze. She is patient & truly vested in your success. I strongly encourage any wedding professional to consider her service. She possesses both the tangible talents but more importantly, the soft skills that help you grow. She has been wonderful!”

– Kim Trotto, About Face Makeup Artistry & Aesthetics

about face makeup artistry and aesthetics

Photo by Dragon Studio for Joyful Send-Off with makeup by About Face Makeup Artistry and Aesthetics.

“Working with Misty was awesome! There is no other way to put it!! I had a vision for a styled shoot, and she brought it life and blew me away. Misty’s professionalism and attention to detail are like none other. Working with her means you are working with a trusted and knowledgeable individual in the Hampton Roads wedding industry who goes above and beyond! I highly recommend Misty’s services! She’s absolutely the best at what she does!”

– Kelley Stinson, Kelley Stinson Photography

kelly stinson photography, misty saves the day, whipped up by mimi, mad hatter vintage rentals, kathy forrest design

Photo by Kelley Stinson Photography at The Historic Obici House with cake by Whipped Up By Mimi, florals by Kathy Forrest Design, vintage rentals by Mad Hatter Vintage Rentals, other rentals by Distinctive Event Rentals.

“Working with Misty was easier than I could have imagined. Once we met and I told her my vision for the shoot, she worked quickly to make all the details and vendors fall into place. I didn’t have to worry about a single detail, and even when there was a small incident the weekend before the shoot, Misty drove all over the area to find what we needed to make it happen. When I finally arrived everything was not only well organized and in place, it was more beautiful than I EVER could have imagined or done on my own. Not only that, a short time later the shoot was published on a nationally acclaimed blog – a total dream come true. Misty is a ton of fun and extremely talented – she is worth her weight in gold!”

– Maria Spady, Maria Grace Photography

maria grace photography, misty saves the day

Photo by Maria Grace Photography at Chrysler Museum of Art with florals by Isha Foss, rentals by Distinctive Event Rentals, and place cards by Ceindy Doodles.

“Misty was painless to work with, she knew all the questions to ask for my submissions and wrote enticing summaries of my styled shoots. She helped me get published more than I was last year and I truly appreciate all the work she did for me! I *will* be using her again!!”

– Christine Wright, C Wright Photography

c wright photography, misty saves the day, off beat bride

Photo by C. Wright Photography, from a submission we did with her.

“Misty helped bring the vision of the new Antonia Christianson Events site to life. She answered my plethora of questions, gave me honest feedback, and in the end created something I am extremely proud of. I’ve had many sites custom created for me since opening my business, but having the opportunity to sit down with Misty, one on one was such a relief. I felt heard when giving her my honest (yet sometimes quirky) concerns and my crazy requests, and can’t say thank you enough!”

– Missy Christianson, Antonia Christianson Events

antonia christianson events, misty saves the day reviews

Website that we created for Antonia Christianson Events.

“Misty is attentive, caring, and she knows what she’s doing. I joke so often that she’s my business therapist, but she truly does go above and beyond to make sure that I’m as successful as I can be… without killing my self! She’s also there to remind me it’s okay to change, and that I deserve time for my social life. Working together has made such a difference in not just my photography business, but my whole world. I’m so grateful for her!”

– Ashton Kelley-Workmeister, Ashton Kelley Photography & AKP Retreat

ashton kelley photography, AKP retreat, misty saves the day reviews

Photo by Ashton Kelley Photography from a shoot she designed for her AKP Retreat.

See what I mean about reviews? They lift your spirits, tell your clients more about you than you could ever do on your own, and give a good sense of what working with someone is like.  Share your reviews!  The Misty Saves the Day reviews blog of 2017 may be my favorite blog yet – because it sure made my day writing it!  Thank you all so much for taking the time to write such awesome things about working with me – I feel the same way about all of you. Want to have an experience all your own?  Contact me today!

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    First of all, this is an amazing roundup! Second of all, you’ve had such amazing feedback from clients! Truly shows how good you are at your job!

  2. Ingrid Urena says:

    Oh Misty!! These reviews are simply amazing! You have such great clients and I think they speak volumes!

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