Chris Rice: Who’s On My Couch Series

Chris Rice with Music Makes You Happy Entertainment stopped by today and we had a great time catching up.  In true Misty fashion, I sprung the “Who’s on My Couch?” series on him and took his photo and learned some fun facts about him.  Music Makes You Happy Entertainment has been a long-time client, and I’ve had a blast working with him over the past year.  Not only is he super talented, but he’s also extraordinarily hilarious.

Here’s a few fun facts about Chris.

  1. Lives on an old soy bean farm that backs up to an old railroad line that connects the port of Norfolk to Roanoke Rapids that backs up to a forrest.
  2. He started DJing when he was 15 (it’s a whole story, but get ready): he has always been into cars and building cars, so before he even had one, he had all this sound equipment. When he was 14, he had all the stereo equipment.  Because his birthday was August 24, and right before school, he would have a party at the end of the school year at his house.  He grew up in the country, so they made a flyer, and anyone was welcome to come. Unbeknownst to him, a friend of his changed the flyer to call it “Breast Fest” – and listed his dad as a judge.  Of course he got caught, but the joke remained the same. From that point on, the party was called Breast Fest and was shut down by the cops on the regular for all the fun times that were had.  The last one was in 2008, when he was turning 26.  It’s what gave him the street cred to be an epic DJ.  He DJed through college.  Chris had to grow up a little bit when he got married in 2009, so he started Music Makes You Happy Entertainment in 2011.
  3. He got married at the top of a mountain in Vinton, VA off the Blue Ridge Parkway in 2009 to Erin, who is fantastic if you don’t know her.  There was a wedding at the bottom of the mountain that also had a wedding happening.  The wedding below had professional fireworks that were shot off at 10pm – and was a super awesome amazing surprise that they didn’t actually plan, pay for, or know about.

Misty Saves the Day works with Music Makes You Happy Entertainment’s Facebook page – and have had a great time doing it.  Be sure to check it out and learn about all the awesome stuff that they’re up to.  With an office here in Hampton Roads  and one in Richmond, and recently honored by the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce, they’re a business that you want to get to know more!

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