Keisha Wilson {Hampton Roads Virginia}

My job provides me with constant interactions and reminders of how incredibly powerful women are, especially women within Hampton Roads. I don’t necessarily need the reminder. My own team is comprised of talented and passionate women. It’s the continued acknowledgement that these women exist within so many professional arenas. Keisha Wilson – realtor, wife, mother, book lover, and badass – is the epitome of this exact type of declaration.

Keisha is a self-declared southerner, having been raised in North Carolina and a Virginia resident for over 20 years. It was the purchase of her first rental property that got her hooked on real estate.  She pulls from her technical knowledge of real estate, and her personal experience purchasing investment properties to provide her clients with a service that is unparalleled.  Her connection with Atlantic Sotheby’s International Realty gives her access to incredible local and international listings, further proving that she isn’t afraid to search far and wide for her clients.   The fact that her coffee table is littered with books written by inspiring realtors and branding goddesses proves that her career is not something she pursues casually.

She is looking to make a presence.

I loved having a chance to see Keisha in her home with her family.  It felt so personal to me. There is also something insightful about witnessing someone in their home – in the place that is sacred and special to them.  Experiencing the love and laughter within the Wilson home was refreshing and it echoed what I have always believed:  a realtor that values the importance of their own home is the best person to help you find yours.

In an interesting plot twist, did you know that Keisha’s husband – Scott Wilson – is also involved in real estate?!  He is a mortgage loan operator with OVM Financial.  The Wilson’s are truly a one-stop shop!  Scott is also a retired United States Marine Corps Veteran, giving them both a unique insight into the best ways to help local military families become homeowners.  As someone who works with her spouse, I know how incredible an experience it can be to professionally grow as an individual and as a couple.

It feels impossible to sum her up.  So, I’m going to let Keisha’s tagline do the talking:

“Where there is a will, there is a Wilson.”

Make sure you scroll to the bottom to see exactly how Keisha gets in her daily dose of success!

Keisha Wilson Hampton Roads Realtor
Wilson Family Photography Virginia
Keisha Wilson Virginia Beach Realtor
Keisha Wilson Realtor Hamptons Roads Virginia
Keisha and Scott Wilson Real Estate Virginia
Keisha Wilson Realtor Hamptons Roads Virginia
Keisha Wilson Realtor Hamptons Roads Virginia
Keisha and Scott Wilson Family Photographs
Keisha and Scott Wilson Family Photographs
Keisha and Scott Wilson Family Photographs
Keisha Wilson Realtor Virginia Beach

If your brand feels greater than traditional headshots in front of a rollout backdrop, then I’m your woman. Let’s chat, talk about the beautiful ways that you and your business are awesomely unique, and then we’ll get to work on turning those amazing qualities into images that represent the heart and grit of what you do.

For fellow book lovers, here are the books photographed in the images above:

Fear is Just a Four Letter Word by Tracy Tutor

I Am My Brand: How to Build Your Brand Without Apology by Kubi Springer

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