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Hi, my name is Misty, and I’m a workaholic.

Piper has the biggest heart, and is the best at just letting go and being free.  She inspires me, because I’m easily the worst. I told a story the other day about how Piper likes to tell me: “Mommy, you go work.  Daddy & I are going to play.”  While that has never quite sat well with me, when I started this journey, I decided to just stop working every once and a while.  I’m the WORST at working all the time- and I bring it all on myself. I always think my email inbox should be empty, so I’ll work until midnight to make sure that happens.  But you know what happens when you answer emails?  You get more!  That’s a great thing!  But it doesn’t mean your response can’t wait until tomorrow.  When Piper asks me to play, or snuggle, or watch the same episode of Bubble Guppies for the millionth time, I’m going to stop what I’m doing and do it every once in a while.  I’ll surprise her.  The beauty of this adventure is that I can do that – and I can do that while making sure that each and every one of my clients is happy.

IMG_1700I met with a potential client yesterday about the services that I offer, and they asked me a great question: “Do you have a limit to how many clients you’re going to take?”  Clearly, I do.  But that very much depends on the level of service that clients are offering.  I’ve never been in the business of over promising and under delivering, so I’m only going to take on a few clients at a time until I can be sure that I can take on a few more without sacrificing those that have put their faith in my abilities.  What’s that mean?  Book now before those spots are gone, for one 😉 But for two, it means that I’ll do my best to make every one of my clients as happy as humanly possible, and I’m willing to take fewer clients in order to do that.

It’s the snuggles, guys.  The snuggles do it every time.  They’re life-changing.  Well, that, and the smiles, and the giggles and the love. Wrenny and Piper give the biggest snuggles and I absolutely love it.  And when they want to snuggle, I stop working.  Because they won’t want to snuggle forever, so I have to savor every moment.  I’m never going to over promise and under deliver – and I made a pretty big promise when I became their mom.

It’s all about the balance.  Making sure that I take great care of my clients and I’m phenomenal at my job, but also making sure that I don’t sacrifice why I’m doing it.  I want to be an awesome example for these girls – and that means being strong, independent, and work-oriented.  But that also means being family-oriented, because that matters more than anything.

I’m excited to be able to help YOU balance your work-life and family-life.  What I love about this company is that I can make it my mission to take things off your plate so that you can spend more time with your family, so you can focus on the things that are most important to you, while not letting your business suffer.  I’m honored to be able to do that. <3

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