Hanging at Jersey Mike’s {Content Photoshoot}

If you aren’t craving a giant sub after looking at these photos I am not sure we can be friends. The bacon, the freshly baked cheesy bread, the lettuce and tomatoes. I want ALL OF IT. Hanging with the managerial team of Jersey Mike’s made me happy, excited, and hungry. When they reached out to me to schedule a content photoshoot I was pumped. Jersey Mike’s is a franchise, and it’s restaurants around Coastal Virginia are locally owned by Atlantic Food Group.

This team is really comfortable in the Jersey Mike’s kitchen, so it was cool to photograph them in action. When you look at these photos you can tell that TEAMWORK is a big part of who they are. They had lots of fun together during the content shoot which made it easy to capture some great moments. The sub menu at Jersey Mike’s is expansive and I was surprised to find out they serve breakfast (hello, bacon egg and cheese!). Jersey Mike’s also does lots of catering for local businesses, parties, and events.

A content photoshoot can make marketing easier for businesses! It is so nice to have a ton of clear, professional photographs to choose from when searching for an image to post on your company’s social media accounts. It’s also pretty cool to have your actual employees as the face of your business as opposed to strangers in a stock image. The Atlantic Food group will be able to use these pictures to promote Jersey Mike’s for a good amount of time. I sent them over so many shots that the only issue they may have will be deciding which photos to use first! Shoutout to Jersey Mike’s for a really fun morning. If you’d like a collection of content photos for your business, let’s connect.


  1. […] Restaurant sessions are some of my favorite because action shots are crucial.  Food and drink shots are certainly important, but they only get you so far.  When you show clients the faces behind their experience, you are giving them a chance to feel at home as soon as they walk through the door.  Imagine coming into a space and saying “Hey!  I know those curls behind the bar!”  It feels comfortable and familiar right out the gate.  There is a connection between you and your client that grows throughout their experience with you.  The best part? […]

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