Father’s Day Photoshoot {VB Oceanfront Photos}

Lynnette and I first met at CycleBar Redmill. I’ve been lucky enough to capture tons of photos for her over the past year! We’ve done family pictures at the beach, so many CycleBar photoshoots, and personal training photos. I enjoy calling Lynnette not just one of my spin instructors but a friend, too. I was happy when Lynnette reached out to see if I would take some VB oceanfront photos…the beach is always a great place for a photoshoot! Lynnette and her siblings wanted to gift their dad some family pictures for Father’s Day. I thought that was a super sweet idea and I was happy to meet them down at beach.

It was a great day to take some pictures. I captured lots of shots of Lynnette with her siblings and children. As usual little Harper’s silliness stole the show. She is SUCH a cutie. I also can’t believe how much Raelynn has grown up! She always has the best ideas when it comes to photos, and she’s a natural in front of the camera.  It will be awesome for these sweet siblings to gift their dad pictures of his children and grandchildren. I had to sneak some photos of Lynnette and Jon in at the end. They are a sweet couple and I’m happy to know them.

Check out the photos and let me know what you think! These VB Oceanfront photos were a blast to take. There’s nothing better than the ocean and family time. Happy Father’s Day!

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