Behind-the-Scenes in 2015


Photo by Dustin Lewis Images

I was going through all of my old photos for another blog post, and I stumbled upon so many epic ones from throughout the year.  I have had the INCREDIBLE opportunity to participate in so many great photo shoots – whether it be with House of Maya, from my own invention, or collaborating with other fantastic wedding professionals.  I’m proud to say that every single photo shoot that I had the opportunity to be a part of made it into publication, and a lot of them in print – and guys, I love print!  While I might be a “social media expert” (can you call yourself an expert?  It feels a little conceited.), there is nothing like the feel of a book or magazine in your fingertips – and I know that the cost of putting those things into print are intense.  I’m incredibly proud of the year that I’ve had – and I can’t wait to work on some more fantastic shoots in 2016 (I’ve already got a few planned!).

Yours Truly Portraiture Virginia Fine Art Film Boudoir Photographer Branding Shoot Styled by Misty Saves the Day-7

Photo by Yours Truly Portraiture

Clearly all of my recent behind-the-scenes have Wrenny Penny in them (I might’ve been there while I was still technically on maternity leave) – but I promise she’s not at every photo shoot!  She’s so tiny in these photos – she’s turning into a big girl, which means that she’ll have a babysitter for the future. It’s been so awesome to share these fun adventures with her – she pretty much slept 90% of the time, which was pretty great.


Photo by Elizabeth Henson Photos

While it’s not something that I readily advertise on the website, I’d LOVE to help you plan a photo shoot for you, your brand, or just because.  Let me know if you’d like my help <3 It’s been a blast doing what I’ve done so far, and I’m hoping to get a few more of these fun styled shoots on the books for the future!  Styled shoots are great for branding material, getting published, and just getting to show a creative side of your business that this area hasn’t seen yet!

In the next blog, you’ll see me talk about the latest one that was published – and what it means to me to see my name in print, my business in print – it’s pretty incredible.  Working on a publication is something that will never leave me – and I’m so privileged that I’ve had the ability to do everything that I have thus far.

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