American Social Media Idol: The Art of Storytelling.

                    Jacey, nailing her AI audition.

We encounter a lot of clients who push back against sharing about themselves on their business social medias. Not because they don’t want to (for the most part), but because they don’t see how it’s relevant. They don’t see why it matters. If their business is selling a certain item, why shouldn’t their social media revolve solely around that item?

You are more than just what you sell.

Ever notice how the show American Idol focuses almost solely on the contestant’s story more than their vocal ability? It’s because people want the stories! They crave a feel-good, happy-ending phoenix-from-the-ashes kinda thing. It becomes less about talent and more about how the viewer connects with the contestant. It’s that human element people crave. Seeing themselves reflecting back at them from their screens. They want to relate on a deeper level than just, “Ohh, shiny!”

When you relate to a brand beyond just the item they are selling, it creates a personal connection that can’t be forgotten with a simple scroll.

Social media is the EXACT same way, which is why I’m always prodding clients for more personal information (in the least invasive way, of course). Your story matters. How you started, your trials and tribulations, how far you’ve come and how far you have left to go. I promise—it’s all valid and important! Don’t be afraid to be real. It’s not showing weakness, it’s being human.

People actually connect more easily with others who admit they’re human, imperfect, that they make mistakes, that they’re still growing. It shows them as relatable, humble, and accessible. AND, it allows others to see themselves in someone else’s story. To empathize with them. To get in their shoes for a second. Honest storytelling has the power to create connections and bonds, because when we feel what our friend is feeling, we’re empathizing with our BRAINS. You make connections to your own story and see how you’re both so similar: “Oh yeah, that reminds me of when something similar happened to me” or “Yes, I’ve totally felt that way before, too”.

Suddenly, your relationship grows and deepens and you’re building memories and connections. It’s all because of a little honesty, a little humility, and a little bravery to tell your story and invite people in.

It can be scary, absolutely. It’s natural to be nervous to really put yourself out there—to present yourself in a way that makes you feel vulnerable—but it’s all part of creating that human connection people look for (sometimes without even knowing it).

People love to watch you grow.

Just like on American Idol, everyone loves watching a journey and being part of the process. Share about what you’re STILL learning and allow your followers to grow along with you. Admitting you don’t know everything about everything doesn’t mean you don’t know your stuff. You can be an expert and still learn new things—the two are not mutually exclusive.
At the end of the day, you are not a brand. You don’t need to perfectly curate all the little details and present yourself as packaged perfection. Your brand IS you, though. Give it a little more of yourself and watch how things blossom.

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