All Hands Pottery in Norfolk {Content Creation}

All Hands Pottery in Norfolk is one of my absolute favorite places to visit. Angela owns the studio, and she is a really incredible person. It’s very obvious that she enjoys what she does, and reflects in the clients and everyone that goes there. She’s incredibly talented and loves to share her knowledge of pottery with others. I have a huge appreciation for art and am constantly impressed by the incredible pieces that Angela and her students create on a regular basis.

I’ve visited All Hands Pottery a ton over the past half a year or so. As their content curator it’s my job to collect photos of the studio’s events, classes, special projects, and more. I’ve included a ton of different photos in this post. There’s pictures of a couple different types of classes, including a private class. You can rent out the studio for your group which I am TOTALLY doing as soon as it’s safe to go back. Speaking of safety, there’s some pictures of Angela working in an empty studio during the temporary closing of Covid-19. It was really cool to watch her work with the kiln.

I know Angela is looking forward to getting back to busy classes and private events! Before Covid-19 she visited the Ability Center to do a special project with the group’s members. You can tell by the smiles on their faces that the Ability Center’s students had an absolute blast. I love that Angela is always looking to share her gift with everyone around her! If you’re looking to do something special with your team members in the future, be sure to reach out to Angela at All Hands Pottery in Norfolk. Maybe I’ll be there with my camera.


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